Monday, December 07, 2009

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Polish in "Blue Me Away" Review


This AFTER scrubbing them with nail polish remover 3 times, washing my hands 3 times and then scrubbing them with whitening toothpaste and then a foot pumice.
This staining is not the first time this has happened with one of their polishes. This is the third time in a month. It also stained the heck out of my nails after I had finally gotten them back to normalish color. Oh and it chipped the first day even though I had on both a top and bottom coat. bad. bad. bad.

When will I learn??

p.s please ignore my very cluttered craft center, my husband is in finals. It happened to be next to the lamp.

p.p.s apparently some are confused by my review. I HIGHLY disliked this polish and do not recommend it to any one.


Tina said...

That totally sucks. I think I would be posting some really negative things on their website. I hate it when polish does that. I expect it a little with a dark red, but I also expect that polish remover will get it off my skin. sigh.

Heather said...

OMG! I have never seen this before. Thank you for the warning!

chunkstyle said...

Looks like you strangled a smurf...and I thought red nail polish stained...jeeez

hillary said...

after this morning I'd like to how about you?

BAM said...

Oh, that is just plain annoying! Noted!