Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My tshirt is better than your tshirt

Now hillary that is not proper behavior.
We don't behave like that even if it is true.
oh snap. ha.

It is finals here and every square inch of the library around the perimeter where all the light is is filled with students. Don't they know I need to take a photo? geeesh studying?! wtheck

This outfit proved impossible to show detail of.
So I shall describe it to you in great detail and then you can understand its loveliness.
Black VELVET blazer with purple satin lining. Gap Mamichan has the same one in blue.
Black T shirt of awesomeness Threadless. I don't really like t-shirts with crew necks infact I kinda DISLIKE them and don't find them flattering on anyone over an A cup but I HAD to have this shirt. I sneeded it. SNEEDED I tell you.
Dark blue denim trouser with PLEATS and gold stitching and lovely pintucked cuffs H&M
Black boots with white stitching to make them spidermany Clarks
Blue lace disc earrings H&M
Blue scarf from guy on street
Blue and yellow bangles H&M
Blue polish Calvin Klein Dark blue polish MAC
That better? I added old photos so you can get a better idea.

Inside of jacket (photo from 2007)
detail of shirt
Ok the new details shorts. The best shirt ever. (yes better than your Rush tour shirt)
Earrings and Bangles and Scarf
Makeup. I made the blue shadow
Head on hair detail
I took off the inner half of my lashes. Long story but I had to. They didn't want to come off. So if you are worried about longevity NOT A PROBLEM. Those buggahs are on there. Now I just have them on outer half. I tell myself I look more like Angelina this way (GUFFAWWW)

I totally went over the top with the matchy matchy today. Nails, bangles, earrings, scarf. Eh I like it. As I was going to bed last night I said to Dave want to see my pretty nails? And I showed him my pinky with the flowers. He says to me "I know you secret"
DOH! Caught. ha.
When I smudge a nail while drying.... I slap a decal over and add a clear coat. I think its pretty damn ingenious if you ask me. And you did. So there.

Someone commented yesterday they liked I was sarcastic. I find that to be one of my favorite and best compliments ever.
But I have this to say to you,


Heather said...

decal!! awesome.

also 'National Sarcasm Society' - extremely awesome.

Sal said...

More great boots!

Kelly said...

I really love this whole look on you. And I think your halfy eyelashes make you look all cateyed instead of all dolleyed, and both of those are pretty! Also, "So I shall describe it to you in great detail and then you can understand its loveliness." is probably my favorite sentence of the day.

hillary said...

Apparently people just don't appreciate The Cure. :P

Kelly said...

ohhhhhhh man! I had seen this shirt one other time and it took me forever to figure it out. When I saw it on you today I couldn't remember what it was about and couldn't figure it out, either. As soon as you said that it clicked!

Anonymous said...

Love those boots!


BrooklynShoeBabe said...

I love sarcasm except when it is coming from my 4-year-old, who has mastered the grating "HULLLLLOOOOOO?"

I love the blue nail polish, scarf and earring combo. Did you buy them at the same time or was that unbelievable matching luck?

hillary said...

Just very consistent in my taste. Bought different years and states. Polish was a gift.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Ummmm, can you please give me your Hello Kitty I Love Nerds tee?!?!? The blazer is fantastic, too!

hillary said...

I got it on ebay a few years ago. I bet you could still find one!

byhillary said...

If you mean the hello kitty I got it on eBay in 2007.

byhillary said...

It says in the post where it's from. Threadless. They probably still make it this was 2009.

byhillary said...

It says in the post where it's from. Threadless. They probably still make it this was 2009.

whtsyrpnt said...

I REALLY need that t-shirt. Help us out tell us where you got it or help me find another like it PLEASE!