Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My personal favorites of 2009

The lovely Becky over at Gilding the Frilly did her top 10 favorite looks for 2009.
Well monkey see monkey do.

Here are mine in no particular order. I Numbered them though so it is easier for me to keep track. :)

1. Dave made this dress

2. I just FEEL cool here

3. The 4 inch sparkly yellow heels and swing jacket over fitted pencil skirt with a kick pleated back.

4. I felt like That Girl

5. Vintage gifted dress and knee socks

6.I feel like a 50's housewife

7. Sometimes the outfit has a nice backside

8. Zooey vs Betty mashup
I call this "If Zooey was trying to be Betty"

9. Mod Mod Mod Agent 99?

10. Brown and teal is one of my favorite color palettes.

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Oranges And Apples said...

These are all amazing! number four is my fave!

BAM said...

That was a great top ten!

Kara said...

just recently starting reading your blog, and yes, i think #2 is definitely cool

Becky said...

I love #3 and #10! And, is this outfit you were talking about that you liked that didn't make my top 10?

Alos, thanks for the shout-out lovely!

Kristen said...

Nice! #2 is my favorite, but I started following you around the time of #5 and 6. I remember both of those!