Thursday, December 10, 2009

A love letter

Dear Nine West Shabooties(TM Dave Sanders),
I first saw you over the end of summer. It was 80 plus degrees and money was tight. I pointed you out to my husband who named you Shabooites (shoe booties, shewbooties is what he calls ugly shabooties). I visited you a few times as the weather got colder and thought to myself how tall I would be and how awesome you would look with a skirt. Then on the eve of Cyber Monday I stopped in your home (Nine West store in Faneuil Hall) and there was a sign declaring 50% off Sale. I knew it was a sign. I tried you on and in a Goldy Locks story line the 6.5 was to tight and the 7.5 was too big. No 7's were to be had. But my wise wise husband pulled up your website on his iphone and declared LETS GO HOME AND ORDER ONLINE. I even found a $20 off $75 dollar orders so I got you and a second pair of shoes as well that ended up costing $4.95. Tuesday night you arrived at my house. It was as if you found a shipping worm hole and zoomed to my house at lightening speed. It was love at first sight. I put you on a wore you around the house for hours in my pjs. I have worn you 4 times in the past week. The 4.5 inch heel is nothing with your hidden platform. You don't even pinch my 2 different sized feet, so one is always getting pinched. You make me tall and lean. You make a lovely clomp clomp sound on the tile floors at work and you look good with everything.
You are my footwear sole mate.


Dave77459 said...

I've loved how you wore these. To misquote Rick Astley, you belong: together forever, and never to part.

Lorena said...

omg, it's a true romance !

shizzknits said...

True love, indeed! Nothing like finding the perfect pair of shoes (or shabooties!)