Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Le snore

We went for a drive today and to a MALL! (if you been around here more than a month you know going to the mall is as big a deal to city kids as it is to the country ones) I got some fun items you will see in the coming weeks I am sure. I also got a new lipstick. Want to see a bad camera phone pic? You do?! Yeah!

It's Lady Bug from MAC a sheer red. The mister man isn't a big fan of my other red lipsticks but he loved this one! Bonus! I figured I didn't buy any new outfits for any Christmas or New Years festivities so I could ring in the New Year in my inlaws living room with a new lipstick on!

The reason I don't take photos indoors at my apartment is because it is impossible to get a good photo inside. The lighting is OLD and it is very dark. Work has giant bays of windows and I get all that natural light. I did a flash and non flash and I am not happy with either to be honest. But I wanted to take a picture to send my grandmother of the sweater she got me for Christmas because she is convinced I never wear or use any present by the one time she seems me every few months. (She tried to convince me I didn't use my tiny pink laptop because I didn't bring it on Christmas day. YOU CAN'T TRICK ME GRAM I know you want to steal my computer!)


No flash

Sweater gift from grandparents it's from "The Targets" (I love my gram. She hates "The Targets" but knows I love it so she bought me most my presents there because "I don't know what kids like" apparently you do and I am in my 30s. HA!)
Shirt Target
Argyle socks Target (who said I liked Target?)
Boots SEE that is completely different!
Pleated jeans H&M
Earrings Tiffanys
I woke twice last night with a migraine. So today instead of drying my hair or dealing with it I went with my namesake Princess Leia hairdo. I used to avoid it like the PLAGUE but now I embrace my 1970's heritage! (OK I couldn't keep a straight face even while typing that) The hairdo didn't last 4 hours (see top photo) my head was hurting and it was all falling out and I don't do messy hair. I am way too neurotic for it. It has to be even mess. A piece fell on that side? *yanks out piece on other side*

Slightly more interesting I wore the necklace I "made" a few months ago.

Well by "made" I tangled a bunch of other necklaces.

I thought these boots would never happen. I saw them in Target back in September but in brown. I thought "hey those look like Frye harness boots I can't even dream of affording" and I didn't get them. I said I have two, urp no 3 pairs of brown cowboy boots. My mom calls and says "You see those Frye looking boots at Target" DAMMMMIT I was OK with my decision until she called. Then they were sold out. I went online and they were sold out. Fast Forward to November 10th and me looking them up AGAIN online despite the sold out status and BOOM there they were in available in black and before I knew it I was ordering them despite my unspoken shopping ban (Hello $1500 in vet bills since September) They said "expected to ship in 2 weeks" I thought that is fine. I can handle two weeks.
Well they didn't show up. Then DECEMBER 20th they sent email they were cancelling my order because they weren't coming in stock. I KNEW IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Then the next day they shipped! UPS stalked my apartment and came when I left 3 days in a row, I even took time off work one of those days and we end up going to UPS in South Boston (where we NEVER go) to pick them up (WTF UPS you come 5pm every single day and then you came 3:30pm, 2:30pm then NOON those days.)
I get my boots and decide on Christmas day I want to seal my 2 day old boots with my dad's magic boot seal. I know they aren't waterproof but this stuff helps prevent salt stains. UGH it was old and the rag I used put schtuff all over them and no amount of buffing by me or Dave got it off. I am trying to wear it off now, it is actually working. (Don't suggest a brush we tried one)
Good news? The boots rock and for $49.99 I have almost IDENTICAL boots to Frye and the leather is great. BAD news? I kinda don't like stores copying other places. Yet I do like to take part in it at times.

I shall now wow you with my superior athleticism

OK I might of slipped and almost fell.


Lesa said...

We are on the same wave length, Mac Ladybug is the only red lipstick I have ever worn, and I want frye boots so bad I have thoughts of robbing my bank account for them! I'm going to check Target, just in case...

Happy New Year!

C Lo said...

oh stop now. tonight because of you I went out and bought red lipstick. also, I got this:

I'm gonna wear it with my new red Hillary lipstick!

Boutique Girl said...

Great lipstick!

Happy New Year to you!

Lisa said...

I love the lipstick. I tried on those boots several times at Target but was never able to commit.
Have a happy New Year!

BAM said...

haha, love the stairwell photo!

The red looks great and I dig that necklace.

Moni said...

Your other half sounds like mine. The only time he likes red lipstick (or any other brights) is after it has been on for a few hours and faded to a more muted shade. He'd probably love that one!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love red lipstick and the necklace(s) is super cool! I'm sorry to read about the expensive vet bills, though. Happy New Year!

Inky said...

I too have been coveting the fryes for years. I might have ordered them right after reading this in brown and black. I am a little worried about the black looking too bikerish but I will have to see them in action.

hillary said...

Inky I worried about the same thing and I don't think they do too much. I was worried I would look like I was trying to be a motorcycle mama. I wore them 5 or 6 times in the past 2 weeks and I think they are much more versatile then I thought they would be.

La Historiadora de Moda Thanks. Don't feel bad. I chose to get pets I was just a bit naive on how expensive a kitten is vs getting a 1 year old.

Moni OH no he isn't like that at all. He prefers bright shocking colors. He actually hates a nude lip.

BAM but they lighting is SO BAD! thank you!

Lesa I prefer on myself a more opaque matte blue red on myself but this one is much easier to pull off and doesn't require constant touchup and teeth checking.

thanks for stopping by and taking the time to say something peoples!

Emily Kennedy said...

Cute new top! And that Lady Bug is a pretty shade!

Rene A said...

I love red lipstick and the necklace(s) is super cool.
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hillary said...

I can't believe I published that bizarre comment but I had to reply. Where in the world did you get the idea I wanted snoring advice? From the title? It's a way of saying boring.