Friday, December 11, 2009

Lately I just haven't been myself

Camera died in middle of taking pictures. I don't have detail of brooch or kneed socks and leggings.

Dress Marc Jacobs
Sweater and Turtleneck Gap
Navy Leggings Newport News
Brown OTK socks Mark by Avon
Fur like substance that is entirely plastic H&M
Boots Clarks

Notice something new about me? Two things actually.

I got this dress for almost 85% off I paid 70 and I am getting my use out of it and feel like I wear it often. I can't imagine if I had paid the over $400 on it! I'd have to wear it every other day to validate it.
Bring your buckets  by the dozen, bring your nieces and your cousinsI ate all the peaches off the shelf.Remix birthday editionAnd the sky was made of amethyst, And all the stars look just like little fish
IMG_7103clark boots english saddle
If you are interested in my "eyes" today please go read this post.

Well it is Friday where we talk about what our plans for the weekend are.

What are you plans for the weekend? and What are you having for lunch today and dinner tonight?
(sure me I am hungry)

Our wedding anniversary is on Monday but that is one of Dave's real late nights so we will be celebrating this weekend. I am a terrible wife and I don't have anything for him. He will also be doing LOTS of homework and portfolio (you hear that mister???) FOOT IS DOWN and there will be some Christmas shopping and me desperately working to finish the TWELVE projects I need to finish for Christmas (I wish I was kidding)

Also thoughts on homemade gifts? I have a large family, ahem very large, yes I know I am an only child. Long story.And well they don't appreciate made presents so all funds are going to that. So it leaves me having to make things for all my mega awesome friends. Do you mind homemade gifts?


Chelsea said...

I love how you've managed to make this dress look slightly different each time! And I'm still lusting over that plastic fur thing... gotta go to H&M soon!

Chelsea said...

oh! I meant to tell you about lunch/dinner and weekend too :) So for lunch I'm having grilled cheese (pepperjack!) and tomato soup. I just bring in the supplies, make the grilled cheese in my work's toaster oven, and I've got a hot homey meal for my workday! Dinner... I'm hoping to convince my honey to go out. Maybe sushi? I'm not sure. As for this weekend, I've got a Hanukkah party on Saturday and am hoping to get some holiday shopping done Sunday. Yeehaw :)

Becky said...

For lunch, I just ordered a panini thing and chicken noodle soup! I only order in lunch once every two months, and today was the day! For dinner...prob chinese food, because Lauren and I are having our holiday cocktail party tonight and will be busy with preparations! The boy and I are probably going to see a movie sometime this weekend...or we may decide to just stay in have cuddle time with Arrested Development dvds :)

Emily Kennedy said...

I quite like homemade gifts. Giving and receiving. The December issue of Real Simple has some amazingly good ideas if you're looking for any.

mamichan said...

tuna salad roll-ups, maybe a bowl of soup too.

i adore homemade gifts and usually give them. last year i made organic lemon-sugar cookies and that's what everyone got. this year it's sugar cookies with lavendar and dark chocolate. the exception are the men in my family (brothers, dad) who get store-bought stuff.

until last year, i bought everyone the same exact gift, something $15 or under that i thought was fun/useful/cute that i personally used. made everything so easy! i would've done teastick for everyone last year but i just didn't have money.

Heather said...

For lunch I went to a potluck and had tandori chicken, nan, bean salad and tuna pasta salad with rum cake for dessert.

For dinner tonight I am going to a pub with friends so likely fish and chips.

This weekend I need to finish two letters for my penpals and also right them cards. I also need to do some cooking of stock to freeze.

I'm a person that really appreciates homemade gifts. I think it is so special that people put in so much time and effort just for me. It just isn't for everyone I guess.

Lisa said...

It's the first night of Chanukah so we're having latkes!

I love homemade gifts, and aim to give only homemade gifts every year (I don't always suceed . . .) so I say go for it!

Clare said...

I just love that you wore the faux fur with that dress. What a find! You look stunning today.

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I like homemade presents, but that could be because I like crafty things in general. Either way, I'd be excited if I were getting something DYI for xmas...

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Wow! Love that dress and the shot in the library!