Sunday, December 27, 2009

Konad nails attempt 7

I painted a very deep blue with a bit of purple shimmer with hot pink zebra over it. I had to use a flash which I despise to make it show up on the camera. The pink isn't opaque enough. I think I am going to start trying to mix some of my own colors to try and get some more opaque colors for layering.
I have to admit I actually painted these OVER attempt 6. I was watching season 1 of Bones and just didn't want to get up but wanted a change. Not to bad considering. I broke the middle nail on both hands. The left is much worse. Santa (Ivy) brought me this stellar glass nail file and it is so wonderful it doesn't leave any jagged edges like normal files do. I hate filing my nails because of just that and usually just cut them very short if I need to file them. That is why I tend to go from long nails to very short. I keep cutting until they are even. Not anymore! Thanks Santa.
I haven't taken an outfit photo since Tuesday. Which is too bad because I have actually looked really cute over Christmas. Just didn't think to take wardrobe photos! Today I am rocking my new zebra pjs my gram and pop got me.

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Anonymous said...

flash or no flash, this photo showcases your nails quite well -- great job.

a glass nail file, eh? i'm definitely going to look for one of those.

Emily Kennedy said...

Way rockstar.

Grace said...

Aren't glass nail files great? I love mine! Thanks for the coupon code! I placed an order today and the code still works. I got 3 plates (same 2 as you, plus M73), the double-sided stamper and scraper, as well as a bottle of silver nail polish. I can't wait to try these out!

hillary said...

Thanks everyone! Yes glass files are WHERE IT IS AT!
Grace you will have to show me your results! I just used my own code and got 2 more plates and my mom a set of her own. I also got the white polish. They didn't give me an end date on the code.

Jess said...

Do you know what brand your glass nail file is? I am looking on Amazon but the ones there don't have super great reviews.