Saturday, December 19, 2009

Konad nail stencils attempt 2 and 3

I tried the stencils two more times and I made sure to take pictures to show you the results. I can't stress how easy it is to have really funky kickass nails. (Which I am ALL OVER, I love the girls with the long acrylics with the airbrush on them of their like cars and shite)

Attempt two. I played around on paper a bit and tried a few ideas out before I actually painted my nails.

I wanted to do an ombre pattern with leopard (when colors blend into one another and say one end of a scarf is baby blue and the other navy) I did it with hot pink, fuchsia and inky dark purple. I just painted three bands across the stencil of the colors and when you scraped it all they kinda bled into one another. I didn't take pics during the actual painting because I am NOT getting paint on my new camera. (I am klutzy so it would of happened)
See it is really messy

The stencils

Here is what they looked like before I cleaned up the sides. See how the stencil is a bit bigger than the nail and a bit gets on your skin.

And after cleanup. My hands are DRY. I bought a special cream yesterday because if I am gonna do zoomins on my nails I need them to not be so dry! (well that and it's so dry it hurts)

Attempt 3 was last night. Again I did some planning on paper. I really liked how hot pink looked over the sparkly silver that almost looks like tin foil.

This one was really easy and cleaned up easy. I need to kinda flip the stencil every few nails so they aren't so uniform next time.

Get your own stencils at WowSoCool and if you use the code byhillary at check out you will save 30% off (except for the build it yourself kit which is already discounted)

Disclaimer. I paid for my stencils and I was not compensated in any way. Nor will I be on any sales. I requested the code just so I could get you guys a deal!


david said...

very cool and intricate. the times that we tried paining effects on (flowers, spots, etc) they ended up looking so cartoony and juvenile. this is definitely the way to go, so quick and professional.

Kelly Sue said...

I am totally going to get some of those.

Years ago I used to use some transfers... there was a woman-owned company that made them... shoot. I can't remember the name. They were part of the umbrella of sites that also covered SMILE AND ACT NICE and DISGRUNTLED HOUSEWIFE.

Kustom Girl, I think?

ShopKim said...

Those are very cool!

Kelly said...

ahhhh the ombre is killing me! I can't wait to get mine!