Sunday, December 20, 2009

Konad nail stencils attempt 4

I am not known for my manual dexterity and technical skill or steady hands. Quite the opposite. I am always the one who takes the shaky photo and colors out of the lines. I am not saying I don't have my talents but they don't lie there. That is why I use a tripod at lot! Avoid caffeine hand syndrome. The point? That is how easy these stencils and stamps are. You don't have to have any precision skill.

I did a lavender nail with a dark purple bamboo with a fuchsia butterfly. I did it in a two step process. I stamped all my nails with the bamboo and went back and added the butterflies. It was sooo easy and I can see me getting more adventurous with more layers. I will have so many layers my nails will be 1/4 inch thick and I won't be able to pick anything up and the polish will never full dry! mwahahahahaa.. There was a wall in Gainesville that people painted all kinda of stuff on and once Dave and I painted it (For the life of me I can't remember what) and the paint was so thick if you peeled it off it was still wet underneath. But seriously I can see me going overboard with the tack factor. This time it all I could do not to go back and add glitter to the butterflies.

Prior to cleaning and after.

I always start on the pinky of my left hand and by the time I get to the thumb on my right hand I have figured out what is and isn't working. For example this time you can see on my left hand two yellow butterflies. But then I decided they weren't working so I didn't continue on. That is a tip for you actually. Always start with the pinky because that way you aren't putting your hand over what you just painted. (mime starting at your thumb and you will see what I mean)

I think the thumbs came out best.

Ok question for you. I painted them so they looked right to me. This proves hard to photograph. You can put your hand out like this.

Or like above folded over and then flip the picture. Which do you prefer seeing? You can see the image better in the folded over picture but I hate what it does to your hands look wise. I much prefer my hand out stretched but you can't see the nails as well. Follow me?
Which would you prefer I posted?

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susies1955 said...

It doesn't really matter I guess how you photograph to me but what I'm confused about is, are we suppose to put the images like you did so WE can see them or upside down to us. You know what I mean?????????
Great job,

hillary said...

I think it is really personal preference more than right or wrong. I personally like it so it is right to me because I am the one that can see it all day.

hillary said...

I meant to say thank you too!

susies1955 said...

I never thought of it that way. I would see them more than anyone. Hum, maybe I'll try it both ways. I think on the you tube videos they put the stamp on the other way.
I'm sure it will be fun anyway.
Love the designs you chose.

E said...

Whenever I have the twin 10 year old girls, we ALWAYS do nails and I always look forward to it, but when they ask to have designs done, all I can manage is a wimpy flower! I might have to get them these stamps for Christmas! Thank you!

Kelly said...

I say post it how you see it

Emily Kennedy said...

Probably post it how you see it for my vote.

miss ruta said...

i remember seeing in a movie once that girls always look at their own nails with their hand straight out and boys did it by curling their hand in and flipping it to look at the nails. or maybe i didn't see it in a movie. maybe i observed it. i dunno. i'm a stretched out kinda gal. and my nails are sadly naked at the moment.

Kayla said...

My sister bought that same set last year at a flea market and we have been smitten ever since. It is so easy to use and it really is a great way to make your nails look so pretty! I love the way you did yours!

Lorena said...

Love this... and it looks sooo difficult I can't believe it is so simple :)