Thursday, December 17, 2009

Konad nail stamping kit REVIEW

DISCLAIMER. I paid for my nail kit. I was not compensated in any way. I am not being compensated for this post but YOU ARE! AAHAHAHAA read on to learn more!

So you want to know how I did my nails huh? Well I used the Konad nail stamper set and I gotta say its true love. I had been seeing it around the internet since last spring and every time I said to myself. I WANT THAT. The price is so reasonable I don't know why I didn't order it the first time. On Sunday I was reading the archives of The Daily Nail and I saw it again and I said to myself
"Darn it Hillary why don't you order the darn thing already?!" so I did! They packed my shipment THE SAME NIGHT. I got it on Wednesday afternoon FROM CALIFORNIA. It takes longer to get mail from NYC and that is only 4 hours away, not cross country!

I ordered my kit from WowSoCool.
I got the

(image courtesy of
Two sided stamp and scraper which was 6.99
and I got two plates M57 and M66 6.99 each.

Now instead of trying to film a demo I am just going to link you to the video and step by step photos on their site because it does a MUCH better explanation of how to do it than I could.

They recommend buying their polish because it is a bit thicker than regular polish and transfers better. I used polish I already had. I can see me going back and getting some basic color. Because the thicker the more opaque your design will be. I started off painting my nails with Essie Mint Candy Apple (see my review of the color here) I did two colors and I did not put a top coat on but I did allow it to dry for about 20 minutes. (I actually painted them while I was on the phone with my mom so they aren't the best job I have done.) Then I used a Chanel polish which is a rich brown with no shimmer. I followed the easy steps on the back of the package (that is how easy it is. It fit on a plastic package) and actually did it on my lap on the couch while eating Wagamama takeout and watching tv and talking to Dave. (see I wasn't really paying attention or I was being typical ADD Hillary) For my first shot I think they came out great.

(click to enlarge, just don't look too close... eep)
It stamps really easy and you get a little on your finger but use a q-tip in polish remover and it cleans up easily. (Or my trick wait until you shower and scrape it off when your skin is soft) I didn't let it dry thoroughly before I put my top coat on so it did smear a little. If I had let it dry for more than say a minute (urg, patience it is a virtue) it would of been perfect.
Some tips I learned from doing it.
Wait until your nails are dry before stamping.
Work quick once you put the polish on the plate.
Keep paper towels and cotton soaked in remover on hand to wipe your scraper and stamp on between nails.
Wait until your nails are dry before you put a top coat on.
Put a top coat on!

Now the best part!!??
For you my kittens I did something VERY unhillary like and I wrote to WowSoCool and asked if they wanted to give you a discount! I don't know what I was scared of, they benefit from it not me so there was no harm in asking, right? right! They said yes.
Make a purchase at WowSoCool and use the code byhillary when you check out and you will get 30% off your order!!!!!
Please note that this code applies to all items with the exception of "Build Your Own Kit" which is already discounted.

Go forth and paint your nails my pretties! Please send me pics if you do so I can copy you. For less than the price of a manicure you can have your own stamper and two discs! (hell order a 3rd plate because orders over $20 and get free shipping!)


Emily Kennedy said...

Wow, those are rad Hilary! Thanks for the review and thanks for the discount code!

Beck, At Her Best said...

I love the zebra pattern - and your choice of the mint and brown combo. HOT PINK would go equally well with the brown I bet.
I was going to suggest The Daily Nail blog to you yesterday, but I guess I dont need to :) - Her nail designs are crazy awesome.

Kelly said...

These look so awesome!

I'm only a little bit into the instructional video but wtf, that voice cannot be that girl's, right?

Kelly said...

I broke down and got some. Thanks for the coupon code ;-)

susies1955 said...

So neat. I'm getting a bunch of Konad for Christmas. Do you think at 54 I'm nuts?? LOL!
Great job. I'll be watching for more,
Susie in northern NY

hillary said...

susie not at all! My mom Suzy is getting a set for herself! (well I am gonna get her a set. shhh.) She wants to do it so bad. But she is one of the people who got me into always having painted nails.

kelly WOOT! You HAVE to show me the results.

Beck See today's post. I used hot pink TWICE! heee I LURVE hot pink.

Emily my pleasure!

Ladies I am so glad I contacted them because now I can buy stuff at 30% off myself! heeeee

susies1955 said...

How neat that you are getting Konad for your Mom. Let us know how she gets along with it.