Thursday, December 03, 2009

I'm just sitting on a shelf

Smock dress with pockets H&M
Turtleneck H&M
Leggings Newport News
Boots Merrell LL Bean
Scarf Target
Hat Dorothy's

This is a smock dress. It is meant to fit like a smock. Don't tell me it would look better belted. I will delete you so fast you will wonder "did I comment I can't remember" I like feeling an eccentric child's art student in this dress (and not in a weird lolita way)
Every time I wear it I get at least 3 belt comments. SHUT UP ABOUT THE BELT. I think the problem is some assume everything looks better belted. I disagree.

This dress is short enough I don't feel comfy wearing tights with it. So i wear leggings and pretend I mean to flash everyone.

see I have a figure
mebe detail
slightly better detail shot
I have to apologize the other day I got uppity when someone said my posing looked like another blogger. I have have been posting and running a blog with my outfits for 2 years before this person came around. They just are more popular than I am. I don't like being compared to people in that kind of manner. So I deleted the comments and my own and said IT DOESN'T MATTER I know I have been doing this longer so who cares.

Honey butter biscuit I was doing it in the 70's.
early posing practice
Haaa Sorry I entertain myself sometimes. That is all that really matters in life right? Laughing.

I have a quiz for you all in a little bit. BUT keep in mind the posts that got you coming back in the first place. ;)


Jess said...

I love how that outfit looks with the hat and scarf! It's so cute. You are brave with accessories, and I wish I was braver. It's a goal for 2010 for me to get MORE accessories and use them well. Thanks for the inspiration!

ShopKim said...

Love the little picture of you. Too too cute. As for the belt, just because it's a current trend, doesn't mean we need to do it with everything, right? It looks great just the way it is.

Tina said...

I never would have thought to pair a scarf with a turtleneck, but it looks so adorable. And I'm jealous that you look so good in a smock dress. I would look like a linebacker. But I think a lot of fashion is enjoying things on other people. So instead of being sad that I can't wear a smock dress, I am just going to enjoy the fact that you can and did!

Man, I wish I had seen the comments before you deleted them. Now I want to know whose poses loook like yours. But I don't want to stir up a mess of trouble, so I'll go back to what I was doing - admiring your outfit! Love it!

hillary said...

tina no no no no I am not saying anyone poses like I do. I am just saying just because people are more popular than me doesn't mean people like me are copying them!!!

I didn't invent the pose or any for that matter!

Well maybe the standing on a book stool. :P

hillary said...

Oh that and I will always tell you up front "I AM COPYING SO AND SO" I like to give credit where it's due!

Tina said...

I love that you stand on a book stool. It's so unique! And I love when you show your earrings hanging from a book. Just once I would love to see you over the cheesy romance section or hiding in with the Sci-Fi, but I'm sure that it would be difficult to be stealthy in those sections. But I giggle when I picture it in my mind, so it's all still good. :)

ditto about stating "I'm copying". That's what I do too. I think it's great to link back and then everyone can compare different people rocking a similar inspiration. Love it!

hillary said...

We don't have romance or scifi except a book or two. We are a research library. And thank you!

Chelsea said...

you are adorable in your smocked dress! love how you've tied the scarf, and of course the hat is the perfect topping to a delectable ensemble!

I'm not a big fan of unwarranted advice either, by the way, so I can understand your annoyance! If I want advice, I'll generally ask for it.

miss ruta said...

looking very fraaauuunch. love it. and laughing does sit near the top of the "important" list. next to delicious and sparkly.

Kelly said...

I love your outfit! Totally adorable!

re: belting - bah! I'm sure this would look nice belted too BUT it looks perfectly awesome not belted. Some people are too belt-crazy. Sure belts are cute but they are NOT a necessity and cinching your waist is NOT a requirement to getting dressed. Most things I wear are relatively body conscious and it's boring. I wish I could mix it up sometimes and wear a dress like this without feeling out of my element. Also I think this is a great length and not too short. Also I like your little hair flip and I think it's perfect with this outfit.

I don't know how I feel about unsolicited advice. I think it can be a good thing from someone I know (like if *you* said "I don't think that's working for you" I would appreciate it because you're not just some stranger) but there are some people who ONLY comment when they see something "wrong" with an outfit and that's not nice.

D said...

love, love, LOVE that dress!

Clare said...

That dress is so fun! I want one! And I love how you've tied the scarf.

mansionmogul said...

LOVE the smock! Very Emily the Strange (in a good, cute way!).

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

1. As the queen of the apple shaped women, I'm anti put a belt on it.

2. I think it looks adorable very free-flowing. If you can wear a smock and not look preggers, I say go for it. (You don't look preggers, btw, but I would so I'm a little envious of your look. lol.)

3. You do look very Emily Strange. I dig it.

4. Love the beret and scarf. I'm thoroughly enjoying this look.

hillary said...

My husband has said I look like emily strange for years but you guys are the first time someone besides him said it. My bff's name is emily so its kinda funny.

I like all your comments re:belts. I mean sometimes I feel I need one but I don't think they are a requirement! I like to look flowy some days! I also don't always like them because I don't have such a defined waist and they dig in a little.