Sunday, December 27, 2009

If I show you mine will you show me yours?

I do this as a cheap ploy to get you to show me what you got for Christmas. Here are some of the highlights of mine. (things that already had photos online so I could make a polyvore set. ha. I need to charge my camera, what can I say?)
christmas by miss matilda on
Whiskey rocks for my Pepsi, Popping edamame, Marc Jacobs Lola perfume ring, Nook!!! Flirting USB owl.
You should of saw the hilarious exchange when I said "Marc is my boyfriend" and my mil said "I thought Dave was your boyfriend." me "It's ok Dave doesn't mind Marcs gay"

And one of my favorite items.

Enlarge to see what it is free off. ha!!

That last item. I have a genetic defect where nutmeg taste like poison to me. (no really! Google it!) When I eat nutmeg what ever it is in tastes rancid to me and I can tell instantly. My inlaws own Little Bay Baking a gluten free baking mix company and they made the mixes for me. I have never had their pumpkin bread before! People used to think I was being obnoxious so I finally looked it up one day because I thought I CAN NOT BE THE ONLY ONE. Nope I certainly am not!

Edited to add. I can NOT find the article but Dave read it and it does exist. If I find it I am so linking to it because people think I am insane when I say it.


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Oooh! I envy! You can see some of my holiday loot on my blog:
I got a Hello Kitty shirt and a gorgeous red jacket from my fiance for Channuka.

Jess said...

Yay nook! I got one for Christmas too, and I LOVE it. I will have to take a picture of my holiday gifts once I get them all out of their packages and put away.

Lesa said...

PLEASE let meus how you like the nook, i am debating between that and the kindle.

Plus I am so jealous--you got some cool presents!

Work With What You've Got said...

Eh. I just got money really, to replace the car that got totalled. But I'm so jealous of that Marc Jacobs Lola perfume ring! Do want!~

Moni said...

I got an ipod nano (the pink one) and a new digital camera (Canon Powershot SD1200), so I've been excitedly trying out my new tech tools.

Kelly said...

hahaha that owl is particularly adorable. It's awesome that they made you special baking mix!

I can't really taste bananas. I tried to Google it once but I didn't get very far. I figured it out in high school - I always just thought bananas didn't really have a taste, and I hated eating them because of that, but we were tasting these different strips in biology class once for a genetics experiment, and I couldn't taste one and my teacher said "oh, you can't taste bananas then can you?" and suddenly it all made sense. I have to go back to high school and ask him about that because people think I'm crazy.

I got a Wii Fit, some books from my Amazon wishlist (which I never share with anyone but my BF sneakily found it and showed it to his parents), some Lancome makeup in a makeup case, and my mom had a picture framed that I painted when I was little. I'll have to take a picture, I LOVE it!

Oh and I got a lot of booze.

hillary said...

Kelly I HAVE heard that before you aren't crazy. I personally HATE bananas because I had 11 teeth pulled as a kid and they used banana gas (4 adult 7 babies. They wouldn't fall out)

moni I got my mom a pink ipod when she turned 50 and seriously it was the cutest thing on the planet. Pink electronics are so squeeeeeeeee (she and I have pink sparkle laptops)

work with what you got
I think this is the first xmas in my 31 years where I did not get a single dime for xmas. Not that I am complaining it was just a first.

Lesa so far it is a mad mad love affair and I would name my first born nook.

La historiadora Twins!