Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cold Saturday

When your husband says "want to go for Thai food for our anniversary?" and it is 28degrees out and you haven't picked up your clothes from the cleaners you get dressed warm and fast before he gets too into his homework and you have to wait!! I didn't even both to comb my hair. I just ran a flat iron over my bangs and was good to go. When I take too long getting ready he starts doing things then I end up waiting for him and I was HUNGRY!

I got this mega hoodie a month or so ago at H&M and I haven't been able to figure out how to wear it. Since it kinda balloons a little at the hem I haven't found a dress it looks right with and its longer than my fitted mini skirts. It zips up a little high to make a little collar at the bottom of the hood too. I am in mad love with it but unsure what it will look ok with.
Shabooties Nine West
Jeans American Eagle
Shirt Target
Necklace Michal Negrin 7th wedding anniversary present from husband!!! Isn't she adorable?

The lighting in my hallway is TERRIBLE but I felt kinda sassy and I never feel sassy in jeans so I felt it was worth documenting.

I put my arms on the wall because my instinct was hips which looked weird with the length of hoodie and in the pocket which was all kinds of unflattering (I have the photos to prove it!)
My weekend dressing is inconsistent. Sometimes I wear the same things I wear during the week. Sometimes I dress casual. (As casual as I get) and sometimes I wear pajamas all day! (never ever EVER out of the house)


Emily Kennedy said...

If I owned that sweatshirt I would be rocking it with leggings and cute boots. I don't consider leggings pants, but they work as a step up from tights under short dresses.

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I seriously wish I could look as cool as you for even one day. Love the hooodie, and the booties are rockin' my world. And Thai food = awesome.
I hope your anniversary was stellar...

Kimberly said...

How cute is that necklace??!! Love it!

Lisa said...

Yesterday was brutal, so a sweatshirt was definitely a good choice. I like how you still dressed up a sweatshirt with jewelry and the shabooties. Hope your anniversary dinner was nice!

Clare said...

That necklace is just breathtaking. Happy anniversary!

Chelsea said...

what a pretty necklace! hope the thai was good :)