Monday, December 21, 2009

I will deliver the explosion

My act is NOT together today. I showered this morning which I usually do the night before. Despite being ready on time I left the house 20 minutes late for a ridiculous reason (trying to get kitty camera to turn on)
I stood in line at post office for 30 minutes (WHEN IT OPENED) and then was late to work.
The guy screwed up my coffee because my guy wasn't there. :( wah. I hope its only temporary.

Grey with purple pinstripe wool lined dress pants Gap 2005 (when they used to have AWESOME work clothes. My inlaws bought these when I got a corporate job that I then quit Christmas Eve after 2.5 nightmare months)
Turtleneck and purple jackety thingamabob H&M
Necklace Mark by Avon
Earrings Heidi Klum QVC
Makeup Cargo palette called Boogie nights AAWW YEAH. I didn't get a decent photo but its 3 silvers and silver eyeliner and then GLITTER. I figure no one is at work I can wear glitter like I am 15. (cause I so did when I was 15. I like ruled glitter)
Shabooties Nine west.
Winter boots Blondo? We got a mini blizzard this weekend.
I have the legwarmers on under this too. ha.
I may or may not of dressed around my nails.

Makeup and necklace
left final

I am so swamped at work due to my own fault I didn't even head up to 4th floor I took a pics in my insane mess of an office. I even gave you a lovely detail below. OY. Don't mug yourself.
Oh and that asshole Mike from Jersey Shore needs to stop telling people to call him the Situation because clearly as you can see from the shot of the top of my head. Now that is the Situation. (why didn't anyone tell me it was so bad?)

I want people to start referring to me as The omnificent

I didn't leave the house from when I got home on Friday until this morning.

What did you do this weekend?
I work today and tomorrow then I took Wednesday off because I am meeting an interweb friend! I am so nervous! I am awkward, shy and ramble (you hadn't noticed? So kind of you to say)

Bonus gratuitous kitten photo
our own cheshire cat
This is for the guy at Dave's work who didn't believe she did this.


Suz said...

Hillary that is hilarious! Is that Waffle up there? My cat Sue does that exact same thing. She jumps up there from a nightstand and then cries because she is scared to come down.

I am so jealz of your nails. My nails are so wretched. I just try to ignore them.

hillary said...

That is totally Waffle. She is REALLY big on shoulders lately and will CLIMB you get to get on your shoulders. (She doesn't seem to realize she weighs 7 lbs and it always welcome) and then she jumps up there. She gets up there on her own too but I have yet to see HOW I just see the result of her on the door jamb looking down at me.

Emily Kennedy said...

Aww, your cube is so cute! Go you! You may not feel with it, but you certainly look like you've got your shite together. Except for that button confusion. :)

hillary said...

Wasn't confusion I assure you.

I always wear it like that.

Beatrice said...

I love your cube! Sure beats working in a lab like me, where I have to wear A UNIFORM every day---blech! That's why I dress up on the weekends.

Great nails! And that necklace is beautiful!

Lisa said...

I love your nails and your hair like that. Does she get down from there in one jump?

Lemondrop Marie said...

I am impressed by your nails and Waffle's agility.
Marie @Lemondrop Vintage

Anonymous said...

Kitty camera? Are you telling us you have a webcam set up to watch your kitties while you're at work?!

Did you know I have a 30lb cat?

Clare said...

I love the way you buttoned that sweater!