Thursday, December 17, 2009

I just had to stop this train.

Do you have any idea how many times it took to get the green light to flash and me to be making the correctish face? Cover to copier was broken and kept coming off in my hand and I refused to put money in it to get the light to come on. ha.

Hoodie H&M
Denim Leggings Kohls
Boots Clarks
Nails by me!
Eyeshadow I made it!
Purple hoops Forever 21
Necklace Mark by Avon
Turtleneck H&M

Thanks to Tricia the founder of Wardrobe Remix she suggested this combo.
IMG_7317clark boots english saddle
I plan to review the product I used to do it but I have a query into them and I am waiting for them to get back to me before I blog it.
I got mascara on the false lashes this morning and there was a clump driving me nuts and it showed up in the picture. I promise I wasn't going for spider eyes. This is one of the purples I made mixed with a gray purple from MAC.
Better hair photo. According to this photo I don't have 2-3 inch roots. I wish I could walk around with a ball of sunshine over my head so I didn't have to get a touchup. ha. The underside is 4-5 inch roots at this point. I am trying to grow it out. I want to know what color is under there after 17 years of dying it. (No really.)
look no roots. Ha I wish. No really you can't even see them here. MAGIC LIGHTING
Urg I have a work Christmas party in the staff room in half and hour and I feel like crap. I know if I don't go I will hear it for days. I am thinking go, show my face, mention I don't feel well and go have a proper lunch? I am not going to eat any of the food there. I have 3 allergies. Sesame, mushroom and dairy and I find it so stressful at these events with dishes with no ingredients from places I don't know. I am not being difficult I didn't ask anyone to make me special food. (Nor did they ask if anyone had allergies. At the ice cream party they have frozen yogurt for me. urg. Then asked why I didn't eat it. Yogurt is still milk people!) Sesame and mushroom I have almost instant reactions. I start sweating and get a instant horrific migraine within 5 minutes then the vomity FEELING kicks in(I can't though. Some relo defect I have always had)

Do you have any food allergies? (I feel I asked this. But some of you are new)
I was born with the dairy thing. My parents had to get me soy formula because all forms of milk made me sick. 1970's soy was NOT A GOOD THING. TO this day my dad can't even look at soy milk. Ha! Sesame and mushrooms I discovered after I had a full spectrum food allergy test. It changed my damn life! I always felt crappy. I was eating one of the two in almost every meal! Sesame is in SO much stuff.

I kindly refuse the food at events and eat in the safety of my own house. I used to ask ahead of time but they never got it right nor care here. But people act like you are being rude. When it comes to my husband who is Celiac and covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act I get soapboxy. I am going to kick the next person that says to him "Oh just one cookie won't hurt" yes it will. Would you have just a bite of cyanide? No I didn't think so.


Kelly said...

Your nails are BA

No food allergies here...I think. I was getting constantly sick for a while and my doctor did a million tests on me but, strangely, no allergy tests even though he said a few times that might be it. I never really pursued it but sometimes I think I should when I feel like ass for no reason!

BTW, who the hell says "one cookie won't hurt" after you say you can't eat it?? It's not like he's on a diet (it would still be rude then but less idiotic), he is allergic.

Anonymous said...

Kelly is right, nails are super BA.

I guess I'm "allergic" to dairy, in that it does to me what it does to most people with dairy allergies and makes me crampy and bloated and gassy and sometimes barfy. But I eat it in moderation anyways. I always do better/feel better when I elminate it...but damn, I love butter.

Heather said...

I get soapboxxy too - you know the extent of my allergies. I went out last night with a friend and ordered the one thing on the menu I could have and asked that no parsley come into the area of my meal. They actually put it in the meal! When I complained they claimed I had said extra parsley!! Idiots.

Rachael said...

The hoodie looks very cozy.

I'm allergic to all fish and seafood and shellfish, which is a bummer because I love tuna fish sandwiches and shrimp, but it all makes me violently ill (the migraine-y, vomiting kind). I've gotten to the point where even the smell of fish makes me sick in anticipation. And I'm allergic to strawberries, but this one makes my throat swell shut.

heather said...

seriously impressed with the nails.

why didn't you mention yogurt has milk in it? sounds like it was info they needed!

i have generic IBS and am allergic to ginger and anything with a high salt content. miso soup is right out. if the ginger at a japanese restaurant touches my sushi, i can't eat it. without my medication i am sensitive to tons of food. finding the right medication made life worth living again.

hillary said...

heather you are kidding right? (re:yogurt)

They did it without asking. I honestly don't know why I am dignifying this with a response.

MindLess said...

Love your nails! Looks like Tiffanys went punk!

I have no allergies that I know of. I just get a racing heart from too much sweetener (but my doc said that this is a known sideeffect, so no allergies there...)!

mamichan said...

i'm surprised people are a-holes about the food allergy thing. i do events at work and if someone tells me about it ahead of time i always make sure to have a couple of different options for them.

i generally eat at home too. i feel like food at home is better than outside food anyway.

Chelsea said...

I love how you've snazzified that long sweatshirt! Fabulous ensemble, and I love your hair all wavy-like :)

I am not sure if I have food allergies. I've had a lot of tummy troubles the last few years, so I should probably see an allergist. For the past few months, in fact, I have been getting rather nauseated quite often (3-4 times a week at least), but not to the point of puking... just feeling crappy. You are really making me feel the need to get checked out!

chunkstyle said...

the nails are ridiculous! love them!!!!!!
i don't have any allergies, but am never offended that people have them or make requests if I'm ever cooking (which would be hilarious actually because I almost never pick up a spatula).
Maybe it all leads back to food being extremely emotional to some people, as if you not eating the mac and cheese that is a family recipe means you hate the family...**cue for my grandmother to say "What? You don't like my cookin'? You on a di-et?"**

hillary said...

annie omg sometimes I forget we share the same family. ahahaha

Lauren said...

I've got Celiac as well. I feel your pain (sometimes literally).

BAM said...

The milk, it doesn't like me, but I don't have the full-blown allergy. Just lactose intolerant.

And strawberries. huh?

I developed an allergy this summer. I was literally eating them at every meal for days on end and my skin was going INSANE. Doctor told me to quit the strawberries and it helped heaps.

I might try them again next summer, it wasn't like my throat closed or anything, I was just crazy itchy.

In my case, one strawberry won't kill me - but dang people, that is rude to say!! One cookie could kill!

BAM said...

PS: Can't wait to read about the nails. Those are nuts in an awesome way.

Eyeliah said...

worth it to get that cute pic!

hillary said...

I loved reading all your responses!! Thanks so much for taking the time to tell me about you.

BAM I had a similar thing and then the next year strawberries didn't bother me. Someone told me it might have something to do with the pesticides certain farms use.

Lauren Have you tried anything by a gluten free baking mix company? My inlaws that is their company.

Annie are you still doing veggie?