Saturday, December 19, 2009

I just can't get you out of my head.

Sweater Express (one of the things I got in Vegas last year)
Turtleneck Walmart (I own almost nothing from there but this is one of the items)
Tank H&M
Denim Trousers Gap
Cowboy boots Durango Gift from my mom
Socks Target
Leg warmers H&M That is one of my stay warm tricks. Knee socks with leg warmers over them under pants. Long johns don't always fit under pants. Also they can be so uncomfortable.
Necklace Michal Negrin 7th wedding anniversary gift from husband
Sparkly hair clip H&M
Bangles Forever 21
Use this
Sweater detail
Boot, socks and leg warmers

Today's nails
leopardombrenails 004

One thing I always loved was how deliciously over the top transvestites sometimes do their makeup. I am talking color to eyebrows and lips for days. I don't like how my lips look lined because they are so small and it draws attention to them in a bad way. But I love a strong eye. I still work at a conservativeish university so I have to be work appropriate but I am getting SO much better at my trannie makeup. Think Eddie Izzard. "Executive transvestite" (If you haven't watched his standup you are MISSING OUT ON LIFE. Youtube has hours of his bits.
My mom always used to say "You warped little child you" I always saw it as a compliment. I can't help if I love guys doing makeup to look like women.

Oh and I saw Some Like it Hot for the first time a few months ago and seriously one of my new favorites EVER.

I look evil. ha.
and my hot tranny makeup

This is all a day late because I spent a few hours in the middle of the day yesterday ice skating with coworkers

It was our holiday party. We have a rink on campus apparently. (Apparently most of us had never been there) I hadn't skating in 20 years. Not since I used to go with my dad as a pre-teen. I was a figure skater as a kid (like 6?) and I quit and I just kinda never got back into it. I was a bit scared to get on skates yesterday but all things considering I wasn't too bad. I fell once and was a bit stumbley but not too bad.
Annie ROCKED. She was zooming all over the place "I grew up in Florida I can't skate" my ass! ha. She can skate cricles around me.

Annie is hilarious. She is a fellow Libra who went to UF and ended up in Boston like me and working in a library (We didn't know each other in school but we were there at same time!) And she appreciates an lolcat AND Lady Gaga.

A little bonus. My outside look yesteday.
random fact: I drink ice coffee year round.
I drink ice coffee year round and have never had a cup of hot.

What are you doing this weekend?

I need to CLEAN for a friend coming to town. (I secretly hope we don't come to my apt because it is way too small to have 4 people in it.)
Plan some outfits to pack for Christmas and set up my Cat Cam! I got Dave a nanny cam for our anniversary and we are going to set it up to spy on the cats from our iphone while we are not at home.


Clare said...

You look particularly gorgeous today. And I totally have those Target knee-highs! Love this look.

Chelsea said...

ooooh, way to layer some sweaters! I love the brown over-layer especially... great dolman sleeves, and the way the two colors and shapes work together is awwwwesome :)

ShopKim said...

I really like this! That sweater is gorgeous and I love it paired with the pink. Definitely a favorite!

I also got a laugh at your commnet about your libra side liking my rainbow order of shirts - I'm a libra too! There would have been no other way to do it. :)

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love your glamorous curls here! The pop of pink is really fabulous, too!

Anonymous said...

a smashing outfit, hillary. your chestnut sweater from express + fuchsia tutleneck + denim + orange books = beautiful color palette. LOVE. IT.

Kristen said...

That first photo may be my most favorite ever. That sweater is FANTASTIC on you.

Kelly said...

Love love love everything in this post. Especially your "evil" look and your hair!

I was thinking the other day that I need some leg warmers. Two pairs of socks are too big for my shoes, but one pair is too small for the calves of my boots.

Kelly said...

Oh! and your hat was also one of my favorite things :)