Friday, December 04, 2009

I hope you feel better later on.

I thought I was smiling here. My mouth naturally turns down so I have to over exaggerate to get results.
Dress Ann Taylor Loft
Lace cardi Banana Republic
Navy tights Hue Nordstrom Rack
Black lace knee socks with grey top with purple bow Target
Shabooties Nine West (my husband coined that term in case you were wondering)
Necklace MADE BY ME don't you love the tiny eggs
Purple hoops Forever 21
Hoodie Old Navy
I tend to make fun of the people who post 3 views of themselves side by side. I start yelling WE GET THE POINT and I try to keep it to one main, two main if I had a coat and then detail shots. Well today I was in kinda a secluded place so I thought I'd do a pic with my sisters Lucy and Hillary (my mom calls me by lucy or matilda NEVER by hillary) But see my pics different because I took the time to make it all IN ONE PHOTO not three cropped side to side. So it gets a pass in my own book and I am not annoying myself.

NOT THAT'S CLEAR get on with it!
I was bored so I attempted to show both side my socks but then a vagrant came and freaked me out so these were the best shots. PLEASE don't look close its a total hack job of photoshop
matilda, hillary and lucy
Can you tell I didn't even bother to comb my hair today. It was still wet when I woke up and a big snarl ball so I put in a braid and put the rest up. Its a big knot in that hair tie I tell ya. I did flat iron the bangs though. I always have time for that.
this one

I am horribly behind in blog comments and reading RSS and updating. Blarg. I don't have an excuse but only a promise I will catch up with you all soon. MWAH

So what are you plans this weekend?

Tomorrow Waffle gets her staples removed. So no more frankenkitty. Other than that I got nothing.

Oh and I am 5'8.25" in these boots. I am still shorter than husband which is what really matters. I like feeling smaller than him (I know that people will get all uppity for me saying that) but it's true. I briefly for about 6 months weighed more than him and it really really really hurt my self esteem so I rejoined weight watchers and now there is a healthy difference between us.


Lorena said...

I liked your triplet pic!
This weekend I hope to:
- Buy a Christmas Tree
- Pick up my Mam exam
- Get a copy of my friend's cook book
- Go to my laser hair removal appointment (6th session!)
- Find some comfy cushions....

miss ruta said...

those socks are the CUTEST! and i'm not even into cute! (too tall). hee. love 'em though, i really do. and i miss being able to braid my bangs into one side french braid. i was so proud of myself when i figured out i could do that. but i'm back on shortie bangs now. oh, wanted to let you know that i just got something i've been lusting after for a while. will show you when it comes in the mail. :)

Sal said...

I have been eyeing those very booties on the Nine West site for WEEKS! Love 'em on you, tall girl.

Kelly said...

hahaha your pic cracks me up. I have to admit I can be guilty of the multiple pictures thing. I don't even have a good reason for it, except that I will like my face in one picture and my outfit in another, or something like that, so I post them both so you guys know I had cute clothes AND a cute face. It's vain. So I can't even pretend to defend myself.

I love your socks!

Sometimes I don't brush my hair either. Those are usually bun days. I tell myself that I just have some natural teasing and make the most of the extra volume I get out of it. It's always a nightmare when I finally try to comb through though!

Saturday my BF and I are going to his company Christmas party. We both need a new outfit because what we have either doesn't fit right or isn't formal enough. If we finish shopping tonight we'll go rock climbing during the day tomorrow...if we don't finish shopping tonight, we'll have to shop during the day tomorrow. Then Saturday we're going to a friend's house and the guys are going to work on cars again while I play Nintendo again.

I have become the queen of long long long comments lately. Clearly nothing in my work life is too pressing ;-)

hillary said...

cute has no height limit!!! no height age or weight limit!
You taught me this braid thing!

WHAT DID YOU GET I am nosyyyy

hillary said...

kelly love you no wrong in my book. SERIOUSLY.

Sal GET THEM! Google for a code. I got these AND another pair for $64.95 total on monday.

Kasmira said...

You can make fun of me all you want! I started adding more pics because people voted for them, but I understand if some people see them as an overkill.

I have to do more of those twin/triplet things, though. So fun!

ShopKim said...

Love the three pics together, the boots and the necklace! You look fab as usual. I so get you on the smile thing too. I look back at some of my pictures and think WTF? I thought I was smiling!

hillary said...

Kasmira. You are a friend on my private flickr account. I check your pictures every single morning as I have for 3?? years. I like you. If I like you you can do things and I will not notice nor will it bother me. If I don't like you then I get annoyed at those very same things.
I like you so keep posting all the pics please!!!

Kelly keep the long comments coming. ugh I am of the entertain myself while the boy does things so I feel you. I should play nintendo too! I have a wii and a DS I just never think to play them!!

Shopkim I honestly feel like that most days. I upload pics and I think what the heck I was sexy posing and smiling what is this mess?? I delete most those pics! ha. I take about 30 at a time.

Lorena. Does it hurt? Is it worth it? TELL ME MORE

Becky said...

Everything is so RIGHT with this outfit! I asked for overtheknee socks for Christmas...and I hope my mom saw those at Target b/c they are ADORABLE!

Weekend plans: I'm going over to the guy I'm dating's (is there an easier way to say that? he's not my boyfriend yet...but we're definitely dating) place tomorrow night to have a movie night with him and some of his friends (my first time meeting any of them-kinda nervous!) and then, I have plans to go see a movie with the same guy, and his roommate and roommate's girlfriend (double date! so excited!) I feel like I've been talking about this boy all over the interwebs, but seriously, he's adorable, and he commented on my blog (which he likes and doesn't make me feel silly about!) Hehehe I'm such a silly goose right now. :)

Chelsea said...

That dress is adorable, and the OTK socks are just the cutest! I'm also way envious of your braid... I need some SKILLS, stat!

Speaking of hair, I stumbled upon your post where you keep all the links to people referencing you (like I did! :)) and found your bumpit how-to! you are totally making me WANT ONE!

And I am so guilty of posting too many pictures of the same damn outfit, but I tell myself it gives more dimension to it. Right? That and what Kelly said!

Question: Do you always respond to posts in the comments? I'm trying to figure out how to handle when I want to respond to people. Sometimes I'll go to that person's blog, but then if it's a question others might ask too it would be good to answer it in the original post comments, but then what if they didn't subscribe to the comments and they think I'm just ignoring them! This is what I spend my day worrying about. It's sick. CLEARLY.

This weekend entails xmas tree shopping, apartment hunting, a comedy show, and a family dinner with my lady's peeps. It's gonna be a busy one!

Kasmira said...

Phew! I guess that means I can look you up when I eventually visit Boston. I didn't want all those pics between us! ;)

Seriously, we should meet up!

Lemondrop Marie said...

I love the triplet pose too! And the booties, tres adorable.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Charmed giveaway!

hillary said...

Lorena what is a mam exam?

Kasmira totally!!

Chelsea I try to respond when I feel something to say. I also just ASSUME that people subscribe to the comments they post because I do. If they dont well at least I did my part in being polite right?

Becky you deserve some silly goose time!!