Tuesday, December 15, 2009


In all honesty my belt is too small. WAY too small.

Dress H&M
Coat Forever 21
Turtleneck Target
Grey tights unknown
Black lace tights Target
Boots clarks
Necklace Michal Negrin gift from husband
Earrings gift from friend
Bangles Forever 21
Belt Kohls
I get a lot of questions about the polish I use. So I am going to attempt to show it every time I change it. (which is very often) This one is a gold by Coach. It was a free gift with purchase.
erm I should of cropped this. I am apologize for cut on my hand. I have NO IDEA where it came from and it is very deep. I blame Waffle. That is the answer of the year at our house. Who left the dirty dishes in the living room? Waffle. Who are the last of the Andies candies? Waffle. (Dave I am ON TO YOU)
IMG_7193used this oengold and black enamel bangles forever 21
sleeve detail
I am having a crisis of conscious lately. Part of me wants to cut myself off totally from the internet but other parts of me say that is extreme. I am just so tired of rude people! This one girl says things just to get my goat and by me admitting that is letting her win. I am better than that. I am better than her. (Better in that I am not actively mean to anyone, I do my mean behind closed doors) I am very polite girl and silly me expects the same from others. I know this has been an issue for a lot of bloggers lately. I also have the problem where people "read it on my blog" then don't bother to interact with me in life. I want to scream. OH SO YOU SAW that I lost 3 people this year but you still couldn't drop me a line or call me up? JERK! I have complained about this before I know. But that is part of why I want to run screaming. But I ENJOY blogging. I enjoy Flickr and Twitter. I am just so tired of nasty people! I have enough nasty people in my real life I don't need it where I go to escape! I am working on my positivity. It has been hard with all the bad that has happened in my life lately. I haven't even talked about it with friends. I am using the bad to learn from it and come away with a "what can I do about this" instead of "why is this happening to me" Thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer (keep yo eyerolls to yo self. I saw him on tv on Thanksgiving day and he BLEW MY DAMN MIND). I am an open person to a certain extent. I share. I like to. I like others too but somedays I want to delete it all and become a hermit. (I have BAD inward tendencies, or as my husband calls it SHUT DOWN hillary mode. I go on full lock down and you can see it in my eyes)

Ok sorry my belt is just way too tight and its causing my innards to surface.

How are YOU today? Tell me about it.

Edited to add. I am NOT getting rude blog comments, that is not an issue thankfully. I was referring to rude people I have been encountering on the internet. Please see comments if you want to read more.

also thank you all for your kind words I appreciate it. It be honest I have moved on. I do that. Blurt and move on!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I know what you mean, I think. I took a hiatus last winter for the same reason. It helped me but......then again I don't want you to go!

hillary said...

I am the type of person though that if I leave I will not come back. So it is leave or not. There is no gray area.

TexNYQueen said...

I voyeuristically check your blog daily and enjoy it, especially your wit and sarcasm. But if you feel it's best to call it quits, then you should do what's best. I'm sure you started this blog with a purpose. Has that purpose been fulfilled? If yes, it's time to find a different outlet. Or better yet, just make your blog invite only and delete the ugly comments.

hillary said...

texbyqueen that is the thing I don't know if it is the right thing. I ricochet in between the ideas.
The purpose hasn't even been close to being fulfilled so that kinda adds weight to one side of the scale. Thanks that is very helpful also thanks for saying hi! Oh I don't get the ugly comments on my blog. Maybe I didn't make that part clear.

Becky said...

Please don't leave! I love your blog! But, while we're venting a bit here, sometimes I get the urge to shut down. There's just SO much internetting between twitter, blogging, and facebook, and sometimes I get overwhelmed...or I go through phases where I think my blog is silly and I should just stop doing it. At the same time, I started blogging because my professional life is SO unsatisfying and I thought my brain was beginning to rot...and I think if I quit I'd get that feeling, too. Blogging essentially saved me from falling into a depression. Anyways, just wanted to share my 2 cents on that subject...but really. Don't go!

Umm, even though your belt is too small (doesn't look it btw), I think it's a great subtle pop (a poof?) of color in the outfit. And I am lurving the silhouette of your jacket over the straighter dress. You look wonderful, Hillary!

hillary said...

its RED RED in person I don't know why it photographed so dark.Oh yes I do the stacks lighting blows. I started blogging for the EXACT SAME REASON.
It is way to small. I ordered online and the measurements were SO WRONG I fear eating in it. I do not have a small waist (I am not even saying that like girls say I am so fat. No really my waist is just not small) so that is how small the belt it is.

Dave77459 said...

I wasn't going to comment today, because you'd get the impression that I am being friendly when all I am doing is stalking you. But seriously, as you often do, you hit a discordant, um, chord in my psyche and I am forced to come out of my shell.

First things first, in your "bangs photo", you have the most skinny of faces and your eyelashes are so very long. Your eyes, too, are amazing... almost anime in proportionate size.

But the thing that goaded me into words is that people are nasty to you. I know you don't like unsolicited advice, so I'll give it to the responders above: They should be ruthless in their culling of the nattering nabobs of negativity. Flickr and Twitter provide them the ability to block those who irritate. (I've been blocked—by friends!—so I know. :( ) Removing that one irritating person can lead to a hugely more enjoyable online experience.

Let's face it, you, er, they are online to have an enjoyable time, not to provide a service. As such, censoring obnoxious folk is completely acceptable. (Unless the above are censoring me, which is intolerable.)

Full disclosure: I would hate to see you flee the online world. I enjoy you daily, even if I usually stalk silently. Or often stalk... well, I do that sometimes at least.

hillary said...

Dave I know you are only here for the bangs.

I have not lost an OUNCE and the lashes are fake fake fakkkkkke (see last fridays post for the whole story) But I did pay for them so technically they are mine.

In terms of unsolicited advice I don't like it from people I DON'T KNOW! or know it alls. But she dumped me so it isn't really an issue anymore :) Thank gawd she is out of my life because I had to say most that shit because she was FULL OF ADVICE and knowitallisms

The one person that pissed me off today there is no way for me to block her. So I just removed myself from the situation. Fuck her.

I have verbal tourettes. I blurt to feel better. I need people to hear the blurt for it to fully work. It worked.

Dave77459 said...

H, I am not here solely for the bangs, although last weeks bangs quiz was uncommonly fret-inducing. I am here because you have a viewpoint worth listening too. Witnesseth the hat trial this past weekend. You could rightfully claim [that] you told me so.

Kelly said...

I love your wedding ring set. I love your nail polish. I love your necklace.

I don't love that people are being mean to you and I don't want you to leave the blogosphere, but that's Greedy Kelly talking who wants to keep reading your blog every day. A lot of what Becky said is what is going around in my head - sometimes I feel like my blog is really silly and vain and I kind of hide away from it for a week, but I always come back. I've started spacing out my posts ahead of time too so my absences aren't as noticeable :)

And FWIW, I don't know your particular situation but there are a lot of people who I might see on Facebook or whatever that they are going through a rough time or have lost loved ones, and I don't always reach out or call. If I haven't talked to them in a while, or if there's a reason we don't really see each other in real life, then I feel weird dialing them up after all that time to give awkward condolences. It's not that I don't care or that my heart doesn't ache for them, it's just that I guess I don't quite know what to say or do after all that time. Maybe that's dumb.

Beatrice said...

I hope you don't quit blogging just because of some negativity. I only recently discovered your great blog and I check it often because I love it.
I guess rude people online (wether you know them in person or not) is inevitable when committing to a blog/Facebook/Flickr/Twitter. But still, please know (and I know I am not the only one here) that there are those of us who really enjoy your blog and don't want you to leave!


Beatrice said...

Oh, one other thing: Tight belt or not, you totally rock this outfit, girl :)

fspitz said...

I would hate to have you leave. I must admit I look forward to reading your blog. I love your outfits, but more importantly I love your sense of humor and your unique look on life. I don't normally comment. I guess I have a comment commitment issue, but.... had to tell you I love ya and would hate to see you go. Who cares what others think?! Screw them! Show them who's boss!

Chelsea said...

throw the darn belt away! you don't wanna have that sucked in gasping for breath feeling all day long! I mean it is just terribly cute, but not worth it, sister.

i'm sorry for what you have gone through in your real life, and the ugliness that you've met in the internet world. freaking sucks and is not fair! you don't deserve that crap.

in other news you look fan-freaking-tastic today! loooove those stripes and the evil belt and the boots and the braid...

I'm doing fine. I'm actually a bundle of nerves as I hear back soon from the nursing school i applied to in the fall. Friends of mine have heard already... but only if they've been rejected (it's a top program in the country for folks with a bachelor's in something other than nursing). so... I'm just waiting to find out and feeling very impatient!

Jane said...

*My first time commenting!* I think you are sweet Hillary, and so is your blog. My advice, since the positive feedback far outweighs the negative, kick the negative to the curb (metaphorically) and bask in all the rest. You rock girl! : )

ladybuggs35 said...

Hillary, though I have never commented, I have been reading your blog for the past few months and I really enjoy it. You have a great sense of style and your commentary is always amusing. For every negative comment that you receive, you should know that there are a thousand other silent stalkers who think you are terrific!

Lisa said...

I'm sorry to hear that you received rude comments, I think every blogger gets some at one point or another.

I really enjoy your blog (and I love your belt, I would totally wear it too, even if it was too tight) and would be sad to see you go.

hillary said...

I said this earlier in the comments but I should update the post. I never said I was having problems with rude comments on my blog. Blog commenters are wonderful most the time. Except for that one person earlier this year in my almost 6 years blogging that as not ever been an issue. I just mentioned here on the blog I am sick of rude people online and I know other bloggers are having a similar issue. I didn't mean to say it was happening on my blog. I am also on flickr, facebook, Twitter, multiple message boards etc.

Thank you so much everyone I appreciate what all of you have said and welcome to the new commenters!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the braid! I love the nail polish! I love the coat! I just found your blog and I need more, so don't stop blogging!


Jane said...

Yes, when you are in the blogisphere, you will encounter people out there who are negative and like to criticize. But I believe the majority of people are basically good, and because of that, it is fun to communicate with others from places far and wide.
Meanwhile, I do love your belt! (and the rest of the outfit too!)

ShopKim said...

I'm really sorry to hear you've had a rough year. I hope 2010 is better! As for the belt, that totally bites that it's too small because it's ridiculously cute!! The whole ensemble is A+.

ThriftyMomma said...

Hey there! First time leaving a comment. Most of the time the people that are negative have an insecurity that is only fed and felt better by saying or leaving nasty comments. If you are getting negative comments and have a poison in your life just smile to yourself and dump the baggage at the curb where it belongs(real life and cyber) I did that with MOST of my family members and I breathe ever so freely now..lol also I went to the michal negin website to find that beautiful necklace and it wasn't there. Does the necklace have a name to the exact piece....thanks:) oh..and I read your blog everyday so stick around ....

hillary said...

Please see above in comments for full explanation I am not getting negative blog comments just encountering some RUDE people on the internet who like to say nasties. But I have already moved on! I am like that I BLURT to someone who is listening and I feel a million times better.

The necklaces are no longer on her site that is why I linked to her site and not the necklace. My husband said he thinks they are sold out.(Christmas time) He got his in the store near our house a few weeks ago. If you google her I am sure someone is selling them. It retails about $195.

Thank you for your kind words I appreciate it!

Everything Is Better Tinted Purple said...

I have a silly comment. But I wondered if you like Target's tights? I was just looking at their online selection the other night and wondered about them. I live overseas and if I want American brand tights I have to mail order them. And would love an opinion before I spent the money.


Andrea said...

the details are fabulous. i adore that coat!

Heather said...

Negativity on the interwebs isn't too fun. I've been lucky enough not to run into this (knocks on wood). Some people are just goofs.

Regarding why people don't make real-life contact when they could and when something awful has happened - I agree with Kelly - sometimes it just isn't easy.


Lorena said...

Love the belt, love the nail polish, ADOREEEEEE that necklace!! That is soooo vintage like ! Wao!
There are always idiots out there, you just have to rise above them -like you have - and just move on.