Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hair Halp?!!

I need hair help. I have always had a tangle problem with my hair. When I moved from Florida back to New England I had a big knot ball on my head. The change in weather and water was hell on my hair. I remember sitting on a chair in my laws new dining room while my mother in law tried to get the knots out of my hair that first summer. We bought tons of products and nothing worked. I finally discovered Kiehls Formula 133 and that worked for the past 7 years.
I have a giant ball of snarl for hair. I tried everything. I can't even get a comb through it most days until after it is dry and flat ironed. If I do get it unsnarled by midday it is a big snarl again.

HALLLLP?? What works and continues to work through out the day?

I want to be able to run my hands through my hair when I am frustrated. ha!


mamichan said...

I haven't used this since college, but I swear by Johnson + Johnson's no more tangles spray. You can spray it onto wet or dry hair and it detangles and leaves your hair so soft. Used to be addicted to this stuff when I had long hair. A hot oil treatment or deep condition (put on a rich conditioner, then a shower cap, leave on for a while) might do the trick.

Marianne said...

I use this:

I spray it in my wet hair, let it rest for about a minute, then comb my hair. I really love it.

BAM said...

I'm going to use these tips too! I was just a girlfriend that my hair has been uber-knotty for the last couple of weeks.

hence the talk of cutting a couple inches...this no bueno!!


Kelly said...

I use a detangling spray but it's not a miracle worker. My hair gets really tangly and some days even with the spray it takes me like 20 minutes to comb out my hair.

Have you tried combing it in the shower when your hair is coated in conditioner? You probably still need to comb it before and after your shower, but that might help. And I don't know what kind of conditioner you use, but when I was on the Curly Girl system this summer and I didn't have silicones in my conditioners, my hair was a MESS - the level of tangliness is eventually the only reason I stopped using the CG method. I need silicones to make everything slippery, I think!

hillary said...

I do comb it in the shower. When I put the conditioner in I comb it through then rinse but once I rinse it I am a big snarl once again. I don't know what it is because 133 used to work miracles for me now NUFFIN

I think its the length combined with the static in the air and the sheer amount of my hair.

I think masami is on the right track with deep conditioner.

Also kelly I will try a super silicone again. I think the hippie organic expensive shit is just not working for me anymore.

miss ruta said...

ohmygosh i have had the same problem since moving to oregon. the underside of my hair just starts turning into matted dreads but i rip my hair apart when i try to comb it even with a wide-tooth comb. :( conditioning my ends only seems to help but i need an answer to the same question as you! good luck!