Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Guiltiest pleasures

The hot damn Chelsea of Bright Side Dweller tagged me to list my top 5 guiltiest pleasures.
When ever I do something like this the second I hit submit I think of better answers. So this page may change depending on when you read it. ha!

In no particular order

1. Pictures of kittens and cute baby animals.
I can not even tell how much of a sickness it truly is. I will do it on my iphone IN BED.

2. Bacon
If you do not understand. Well I got nothing to say to you. :)

3. Lipgloss
How vapid of me. Another freaking addiction. I love them. They are like tiny pieces of heroin and I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH. I went months without buying one this summer when money was extremely tight. I was having with drawl.

4. Vampire books
I have read 29 vampire books so far this year . No really I have. Check good reads! (note to self update good reads with book I finished last night and the new one I started today) This addiction started young. When I was twelve (cough1990cough) one day my dad handed me a bag full of hardcover books. His friend had given them to him to "give to Hillary she might get a kick out them" Those books were Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire. I don't think my dad really knew what they were about but he wouldn't of cared. My parents encouraged me to read anything I was interested in and my reading them out of house and home was public knowledge. I read American Psycho at 13? (em you remember?) My friend's older brother was in high school and lent it to me. Again my parent's didn't mind. BUT they wouldn't let me see Silence of the Lambs that same year. They had their limits. Words = OK. Images = not so much.

5.Google reader
wtf why is it so addicting???


6. Waffle
Sorry I had to include her. SHE RULES MY LIFE. My future kids are fucked.

Oh and I tag... YOU!


Dave77459 said...

You had me at #1 and #2, lost me at #3. LOL

I'd fill this list, but I don't feel guilt at pleasure.

hillary said...

you don't like having to wipe off lipgloss?
I had a guy once tell he enjoyed watching girls put it on

When dave leaves for work sometimes I have finished makeup and sometimes I haven't if I have he gives me quick peck and then wipes off the lipgloss. It makes me laugh EVERYTIME

make a list of the things that other people think you should feel guilty about. (my mom reads this)

Dave77459 said...

I am tickled that you needed to put a "don't be crude" warning. As if I have ever done that! ;-)

I'll do it, but I am stepping away from the computer until later. :)

D'Rae said...

Ok, scary...... my list would be the same as yours! Except exchange waffle with sophie (my cat)

katrina said...

have you tried bloglovin? it's google reader PLUS.

Beck, At Her Best said...

I'm in agreement on google reader being addicting. I think its because everything is in one place and when people are always posting, theres Always something to read.

I'm a lip gloss junkie too. I seriously can't leave home without it - I always have at least one with me.

Kennedy said...

hahaha this is awesome! YES bacon!

Dave77459 said...

OK, you asked. Here's my 5 guilty pleasures:

1. Social networking in the loo at work
2. Bacon
3. Hamburgers
4. Unplugging from the world on Roxie's saddle
5. Cruising the aisles at Harbor Freight

kendra said...

My parents were really strict about TV, movies, and music. No bad words in music, no rate R movies, etc. I couldn't watch Friends until my senior year, I think. But they never thought to restrict what I read! (They would have if they realized what I was reading, I'm sure.) So in 7th grade I read the Clan of the Cave Bear series. I started it because my friend's parents wouldn't let her read them so I thought they must be good. The first book is really good and not really raunchy, but by the last couple books it's basically pulp. I would find especially juicy passages and show them to my friends at school. If only they realized that I learned a lot more from that than I would have from the Smashing Pumpkins CD (I couldn't get it because of the song title "Silverf*ck.")