Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dressed for the weather.

It was pouring and snowing all at once this morning. It is also cold as hell. SO I went with a wool cropped blazer and jeans. Since it is so dark out today all my photos are a bit off. I usually take them near these big windows full of sun.

Blazer Ann Taylor loft it was one of the ones I got for $5 and its a $120 blazer
Sequin T Ann Taylor loft (same sale)
Black lace cami Forever 21
Jeans American Eagle
Shabooties Nine West.
Bangles H&M and gift

The photo below I was trying to get lower where the light was better and I totally saw someone coming. haaa.
totally saw someone coming over
It has a nice peplum back. It is meant to have shortish sleeves I am just short.
Eyeshadow this is one of the ones dave made. Mermaid Pizazz.
this one
For the second day in a row I am wearing all natural fibers, wool, leather and cotton! Even my forever 21 shirt is cotton. I am hoping the day comes where that is more the norm! I feel so much more comfortable!

What are your thoughts on fabrics? Any you can't stand? Any you really love and want more of in your life?

Linen makes my skin crawl. I can't even touch it without getting wigged out. I love suede, silk and brushed cotton. I really dig cashmere and would like to see more of that in my life. I like to call it catshmere because it feels just like Daisyboo. She has a soft silky fluffy coat. Waffle is much more sleek and when you touch her you feel bones because her hair is so short.

I can't stand polyester either. I have a few items left in my wardrobe that are but I just can't BREATHE in it and it gives me heat rash took me months to figure out it was the fabric I was choosing. (Hello linings of Target dresses!) My skin is sensitive and it doesn't like to be stifled apparently!


david said...

Ugh, it is so disgusting out today. For a while it has been raining and snowing UP next to our building because of the strong winds.
Aside from the lighting (and the fact you say so) I can't see any differnce in you today. Great outfit? Check. Pretty hair and makeup in fun colors? Check. Shabooties? Kacheck!

hillary said...

compare to lighting and makeup lighting in these pics

hillary said...

no look at this instead

Chelsea said...

oooh I love that blazer!! and Dave ROCKED with that shadow... it looks just gorgeous on your porcelain skin!

Kayla said...

I love that eye shadow. Way to go husband!

Kayla said...

I would also love the formula you used to make these all. Will you be posting the how-to at some point?

Sal said...

The details on that jacket are such fun! And I do believe I have that sequin tee in hot pink.

Ya know, I hate linen with a PASSION, but unlike many people, I absolutely adore polyester. Ha!

hillary said...

unfortunately no.
This one in particular rubbed off when I went to use it this morning. I was so mad because I love this one.
I haven't ruled out selling it either so I don't want to give away the secret.

Anonymous said...

I have become allergic to very stiff "cotton blends" that are common for brands like H&M to do almost EVERYTHING in. I LOVE H&M (Hey, I am Swedish) but there's this one type of material they often use for pants, jackets, skirts and button-downs... When I buy things in that material, I rarely wear them.

I really like the details on your jacket by the way ;)

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

Dave does a really good job of coming up with fancy eyeshadow names. I like the jacket too.

I don't like patent leather or faux patent. Shoes or bags with a hint of patent are cute. Bags and shoes that are made entirely of patent look cheap to me.

I don't mind man-made materials, but I prefer cotton with a hint of stretch and flannel. Mainly, flannel sheets.

BAM said...

Love the eyeshadow color.

I'm good with most fabrics, but do like a nice soft leather. I always feel a little mean when I touch a buttery leather (thinking about cows, etc), but darn that is a nice feeling.

Jess said...

I love how saturated the eyeshadow colors you're making are. I absolutely adored the one you wore yesterday. You should totally sell them--I would buy them in a heartbeat!

Beck, At Her Best said...

I love your outfit, you look so cute! (hope that doesnt sound creepy, sorry)

As far as the fabric question, I think I'm allergic to wool so that kind of goes without saying. I have a couple silk skirts that feel really nice, but I'm mostly a natural cotton fan. Something nice and soft.

Lisa said...

I love the blazer! I have trouble finding good blazers, so I'm very jealous.

I adore cashmere, if I could wear all cashmere I would.

I don't think I have a material in particular that I detest, but I hate wearing pants made out of that tweedy material . . . does that make sense? It's really itchy!

Clare said...

oh, I friggin love those booties!

Sidewalk Chalk said...

I love those boots-- they're pretty chic. :) - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk