Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Decorating for the holidays.........kinda

Ok as you know by now my apartment is SMALL. In that small apartment I have 5 Christmas trees. There was 6 but I brought one to work. My mom bought all 5 of those trees. BLAME HER. ha. No really I love Christmas. LOVE. Despite the fact I have to have a MINIMUM of 3 in a day. (this year it will be 5 in two days, yeah divorces! oh wait not so yeah) Actually it is the extended family now and was all the separated people more when I was a kid. (extra grandparents and all that jazz) We are going to my "stepmother's" (I think of her as my step mom but they aren't married) families house this year too!! I hope every year I get an invitation. They celebrate winter solstice and Christmas and they are just the coolest most loving and welcoming family on the planet. She has 5 brother and everyone gets along and loves one another and you can't be there and not feel like the most loved person on the planet.

Oh so the point. yes. Sorry got lost for a minute. All our xmas decorations live in this one rubbermaid tote in the total back of the closet. Behind hundreds of lbs of stuff. I was in a bad accident in highschool and I SHOULDN'T move furniture. Sometimes I do and I almost always regret it for days. This year Dave just hasn't had the time to dig them out and with Waffle we didn't know if it was worth it. She is TOO curious. I decided to yank out the pink tree and just put that up with some unbreakable cupcake ornaments and candy canes.

She has pulled 12 of the 14 candy canes off and no one will eat the two still on the tree because I am sure she licked them.
(I goggled it and peppermint is VERY attractive to cats, related to the nip)

My little sweet sweet demon child.


Waffle has a stocking but I hadn't made it yet when I took this picture.

Dave made mine, I made his and we both made Daisy's. Dave is MUCH better at the letters than I am. The one I made looks like a 3rd grader made it. We have fancy stockings but we wanted our own personal ones a few years ago. These are just $.99 ones from Target and glued on felt.

All these are clickable. So you can see Waffle in all her evil glory. I will say she is very well behaved but when she is naughty she makes sure she is VERY naughty but the other 80% the time she is a cuddlebug angel.


Anonymous said...

OMG I love Waffle. LOVE.

Kelly said...

cupcake tree = awesome

Lesa said...

I am convinced that cats live for Christmas trees, we have to tie ours to the ceiling with fishing line! I love your little felines, just thnk what joy those candy canes brought! So much more than to a human.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

This is too funny! My tree took a beating due to the vehement tail-wagging of my best friend's dog. (They stayed the night a few evenings ago.) We had to shift all the ornaments away from the spot he kept knocking them off of and never put them back, so my tree looks bare in one area and overly decorated in others.


Lemondrop Marie said...

Such sweet pics! Had no idea they liked peppermint, but I do have a cat who goes after cigarettes! I don't smoke but if someone brings any in in a purse she digs them out and tries to eat them.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Andrea said...

That is a really devlish looking photo of the kitty next to the tree.. ha ha! I love these little feather trees. I had the goal of making one this year, didn't happen :)

Chelsea said...

ohhhhhh my gosh... waffle is gorgeous, and so mischievous! I love it. cute lil tree you got there, too!