Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is almost here!

And I am feeling the "are my presents good enough" pressure. I know I know it is all about the thought that counts and yadda yadda but don't you ever wish that money wasn't so much an issue and you could buy whatever you wanted?

If money wasn't an issue I would of bought this from Invicta Watches for Dave

In silver and black. (Then I might have to borrow it from him!) I mean that is one FINE piece of machinery. oooh weeee.

I would of bought this bag from Via Spiga for my mom

I know she wants a BIG black bag and she has a kinda dump it in and dig through it personality. I think the little clasp would be awesome for her to keep the easy access things in. The price actually isn't too bad. Ok mom look away this might need to be a birthday present.

If money wasn't so tight what would you buy for people?

Are you interested in what I did get people after Christmas? I know I LOVE to see what people get for their family. (I like to get ideas for future presents!)


Anonymous said...

if money was not an issue, no doubt, i'd buy my husband a smart car.

Kelly said...

ahhh I'm suffering from "my present is not enough" fear too! BF and I set a $100 limit this year because we're trying to save up some $$. I bought him a bunch of little things but now I'm afraid it will just be like a lot of crap.

I got my parents robes this year, because my mom wants one with elbow-length sleeves and I don't think my dad's is warm enough for him. I got one brother just clothes because I could NOT think of anything else to get him, and he wouldn't tell anyone what he wants. My younger brother is getting a watch and a DVD of the Red Green Movie, and BF's parents are getting wine and ornaments. Grandma is getting some new earrings and for my family's prank yankee swap thing, I got a PizzApartment and a monkey soap dish.

I would love to see what you got, after Christmas of course ;-)

Lorena said...

I do my best effort to not fall into the "my present is not enough" cracks... but I still do.
I have a couple of rules that go into gift buying for Christmas..
- I try to buy ahead of time, so I don't go broke.
-If my friend gets married I get a "couples" present for their home.
-If my friends have kids, I only get gifts for their kids.
- I have a list of people I intend to buy gifts for and also write beside their name what I got them. This, so i don't repeat myself the next year. I do not have good memory.
Gifts I gave this Christmas (friends/co workers):
Cookbook, Wine, Purse holder, Stila Barbie can, Vase, toys, brownies, cookies.
Family gifts:
children's books, necklace and earring set (fake pearls), t shirts, polo shirts.
Gift to husband:
new tires for his car + card
Other gifts:
Hairdresser and manicurist- sent them breakfast from a chinese place.
Cleaning lady $$ + thank you card
Building concierge $
Ex- coworkers- basket of goodies so they can share