Wednesday, December 02, 2009

**chair dancing**

Skirt and Cardi NY&Co
Brown ruched (sp) turtle neck Target
Earrings from bff Emily
Necklace Banana Republic
Belt Target
Boots Clarks
Tights Vera Wang for Kohls

I did a sharp eyewing and a nude gold shimmer lip

i think this onekeepclark boots english saddle
I think I finally figured out an outfit for my Blogger meetup! I have been kinda panicy since the day I found out about it. I am insanely shy and wanted to look fabulous. I would of loved the excuse to buy a new outfit but money is very tight this month with the excessive vet bills. (If you read the girl's blog you know why) So I am wearing an outfit I already own and my new shabooties I got during the cyber Monday madness. I got them for such an insane low sum and shabooties were on my wishlist and these ones I had stalked since July at the Nine West by my house.

Have you ever met someone you met online in real life?

I have met 5 people total on 3 occasions. (2, 2, 1) and they all turned out well. One I thought we got along really well but I guess I didn't make the same impression on her. Another couple, Terry and Susan are so awesome I literally think of them as family. I may not talk to them all that often but the moment Dave and I met them we knew we'd be friends for life. I officially adopted him as Uncle Terry. I am really really shy and I kinda shut down and the moment we sat down we had a chat fest.

I don't mention where I work or coworkers or too many identifying details or my last name or too much of my house (well you know my face! ha) because I once had someone recognize me on the street and contact me. I was a bit freaked out. She was nice and harmless I am sure but we were robbed in our home before. I know you know about my life but I try to keep some private.

There are a lot of people I can't wait to meet. The DeFraction family. It is my goal that in the next two years we meet them. I can't even tell you how exciting that will be!! It is an ongoing Uberlist item.


Becky said...

I've met a few fellow bloggers when I went to the IFB event back in September. Also...I just started online dating (which I NEVER thought I would's amazing how hard it is to meet people in NYC). I've only met two different guys. One was ok, but kind of boring, but the other one I met is sweet and fun, and totally CUTE. We've been out 3 times already :) I was so nervous and self-conscious doing that, but whatever. It might end up being worth it. So, yeah. That's my online to real life experience!

Lovin the teal with the leopard print, and the side-swept bangs-looking fierce!

Sal said...

I've met up with a bunch of fellow bloggers, and most have gone GREAT ... but a few, not so well. The style bloggers I've met are always great since we have tons in common. Others can be harder. It's like making a cold call.

Kelly said...

I actually never have. A couple times I've tried to meet up with bloggers but it never really works out - schedules clash, things come up, etc.

It would be nice to meet internet pals but so few are even anywhere near me, and I tend not to take big vacations to places very far away so it's not like I roam all around the country where other people are!

hillary said...

Kelly I am kinda the same way. Twice people were in town visiting Boston and the third was I was in California on mine and Dave first grown up Vacation and Terry came and met me at DisneyLand! We had breakfast in downtown Disney.

david said...

What a fabulous splash of color!
I have yet to meet anyone I have met online (with the exception of Hillary from ByHillary and Terry but he was Hillary's find) but I suspect that has more to do with the fact I am not online in a social way very often. I digress.
Love the outfit - both today's and the prospective one. You will look maahvelous. (And yes, I know who says that and where it came from so :P )

hillary said...

Well thank you sir for ironing it this morning!

BAM said...

Never met anyone from the online community yet...I was going to visit Dallas and meet Erin & Tina - but couldn't make it in the end. I was actually pretty bummed out about it.

@Becky: I know a bunch of folks in Houston that do the online dating and they seem to have decent luck with it b/c like you said, it's tough to meet folks. Good luck!

Shabooties? I'm imagining all kinds of silly things in my head but don't know what these are...

Chelsea said...

hillary & david - you are two cute with your comments :)

anyway, I, like Becky, have done some online dating. i actually had a boyfriend in college for a year and a half that I met online! I'm a huge proponent of it for folks who are having a hard time meeting people. funnily i met my girlfriend/love of my life in a bar, which I thought would NEVER happen. haha... life is funny! as for other bloggers... not yet! I would love to meet so many of them though! too bad most are far away (like you, ms. hillary!).

okay now for your outfit. I am drooling. it is amazing. leopard print and that beautiful blue/aqua are just PURRRRFECTION. Seriously. I'm dying over here. You have got it going on today, my dear! also, i love how you've layered a 3/4 cardi over a long sleeve shirt. I have GOT to try that. and the necklace is the perfect accessory. okay, I'll stop now but really this is one of my faves!

hillary said...

Dave named them that.

I have known a few couples who met online! One I know just had their 7th wedding anniversary!

Chelsea. Thank you. I went to bed at 12:30 last night with no idea what to wear. I woke up this morning and said LAYERS because I have weight watchers and it just kinda happened as I ran around. I am glad people like it because I decided on a version of this outfit for my fashion blogger meetup! I would be lying if I said he commented on his own. I IMed him and said " I wouldn't mind if you commented on my blog"

Thank you so much people. I was a bit nervous about this pairing. I love this color combo my portfolio was this color. check out a picture here

hillary said...

sorry that second link didn't work.
try this one.

miss ruta said...

i got to meet patrick and family (henpower on flickr) here in Portland when i moved. they're the cutest family ever and i even babysat for them once! so that's the awesome experience i had there. no others though as my closest online buddies live across the country from me. :( and you look fab, dear as usual.

Lisa said...

I've never officially met anybody from online before. I did once see someone I recognized from flickr, but I didn't feel comfortable going over and introducing myself or saying anything b/c I felt like that was creepy.

mamichan said...

I meant to comment on flickr but i am loving this eyeliner look on you.

miss ruta, i want to meet patrick and holly and family! they're so flippin' cute.

i've met 5. 3 from livejournal (one of them recognized me at the co-op, i arranged to meet the other 2 to discuss a trip to japan they were taking) and 2 from flickr (one recognized me in cliche, the store where i buy all my clothes and i met alison valiant at an event a few weeks ago).

if i ever go visit my friend colette in boston i would come meet you and dave!

Lorena said...

You look greattttttt !!!
I tried to meet up with someone once, a looong time ago. It was a guy BUT, the night before i GOT SO DRUNK that I could not meet him the next day.
Kinda stood him up, that was the end of it.

C Lo said...

I used to be on LiveJournal and I've met a handful of friend from there. Most all turned out well. One is someone who ultimately turned into one of my BFFs.

Stripped Bare said...

I actually went on a 'girls week away' with a friend I met online. Believe it or not we bonded over our shared adult adoration of Twilight (I know, the shame ...) and ended up meeting in Sydney for a week of cocktails and shopping :)