Tuesday, December 08, 2009

bangs bangs the erm yeah they aren't exactly musical are they?

Vest gift from my dad x-mas 1997 (he picked it out himself) Limited
Shirt Target
Skirt Ann Taylor Loft
Purple leggings Newport News
Boots Clarks
Olive corduroy blazer H&M
Hillary button from Hillary Clinton's campaign
Hair do-dad H&M
Eyeshadow One of the ones I made this weekend.

Without blazer
Boots and Purple leggings
Hair and earrings and hair do-dad
hair accessories and earrings dave made
Makeup head on
A Like this one from head on
Closed eyes
or B for closed eyes?
So as I said this is one of the other eyeshadows I made. I am hoping to try out all 6 this week. It makes it tricky because I don't consider my makeup when I pick out clothes and vice versa. I never get dressed until after I put makeup on either. Today I didn't have anything picked out so I ran around getting dressed and then did my hair and makeup. Which is a much smarter move for my hair at least because I almost always mess it up getting dressed. I am on day two of wearing contacts in a row. I am so sporadic wearing them because mine are thick and weighted and tend to hurt. But to be frank I wanted to show off my eyeshadow. No one in person has said anything yet but I am just waiting to pounce and brag I MADE IT! (oh who doesn't like to show off a DIY that turns out good?
I am having a bangs dilemma. I have always had bangs. I almost always have bluntish bangs. I had swoopy ones a few years ago and my husband liked them but likes them better blunt. Not that he tells me what to do but honestly I like to impress him. I have been whining for a week I want him to cut them because he did such a nice job last time. But now he likes the swoopy bangs and keeps saying how much he likes my hair lately. (Although he would LOVE me to chop it all off again. ugh NO WAY)
I am going to ask what you think I should do and then do what I want anyways (hey at least I am honest) But here goes.

Should I
A. Cut the bangs blunt again
B. Cut the bangs like I had them with the longer sides like Zooey D
C. Leave them alone
D. Keep them in this style but shorter
E. Something completely different


Steve Sparshott said...

You are super stylin'. Do your colleagues think you're, er, eccentric, even when they don't catch you photographing yourself?

hillary said...

Except for one my coworkers have no idea I do this and they have never caught me. I do it on a different floor and staff are never up there.

Honestly my coworkers never say a single thing about how I dress. Well someone told me my skirt was tucked into my tights and my bum was showing. Despite that. The only person to have really commented on my clothing or hair has been the dean. A Brit no less! And I only see him once in a blue moon.
Someone once refered to me as "the colorful one" I do stand out from my coworkers but that is not a bad thing oy vey. Polyester abound!

Dave77459 said...

Let me be blunt... like your bangs should be. ;-) You know I am opinionated on this, so additional comment is so much wind.

I also applaud your husband's desire, and suggest WAY.

Moreover, you are very pretty, especially of late, but we can't help what we like. We, your fans, are fickle.

D'Rae said...

First, I used to work at the Limited back in 97-99 and totally remember those sweater vests! (Everyone that year got something form the Limited! Yeah for employee discounts!)

and B. I think you should cut them like Zooey

hillary said...
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hillary said...

Blogger hillary said...

A. blunt


softer blunt

I look scary here




BAM said...

Oh, I can't see the linked photos. drat.

It's tough, becuase actually your bangs always look really nice to me - even the older photographs with different styles. I guess they really do suite you well.

I do like the idea of doing the Zooey D again. That looked nice.

hillary said...

Bam even after copying and pasting link in address bar ?(clicking them doesn't work)
it should work even if your blocking flickr.

Can anyone see them?

Dave77459 said...

> Can anyone see them?

I don't get them automatically showing, but they do work copy/pasty.

More, since I registered for updates early, they came into my email directly clickable.

Maybe because I am your Flickr friend?

But really, all you need to see is the first one. No need to click after that. :-P

miss ruta said...

side braid! yes yes yes! i love it. your bangs always look good. they're not all fritzy and cowlicky like mine, or if they are, they're too heavy to be able to tell because your hair is thicker than mine. i like blunt though on you. swoopy is very pretty, but you can really rock a blunt bang. bang!

hillary said...

Ruta my cowlick trick is I flat iron my bangs every day no matter what I'm doing with them. You can actually tell in my remix when I stopped slowdrying them and started ironing them

Thanks everyone!

Clare said...

My vote is B. I think that soft bang look is really flattering on you!

Sal said...

I'm with Clare ... but I'm pretty sure anything you do will look great. You've got such gorgeous hair, and a great sense of how to style it.

hillary said...

I am a tish confused though Clare you want B but said softer and B is a very thick heavy bang. I just want to make sure I know which one you mean because I like STATISTICS

Kelly said...

I vote B

Kasmira said...

I love the pattern mixing and braids.

All your bang versions look good to me.

Liz said...

I love your bangs in the first picture under option A. I love your hair color in that pic!

hillary said...

Liz funnily my hair is still technically that color. I haven't dyed it since then and it has just faded and grown out. thank you.

Thanks so much everyone. If I decide to go to that boston meetup this weekend I need to make a decision before then!