Thursday, December 17, 2009

2008 Recap

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Kimberly of FabFindsUnder50 just reminded me that at the end of last year I made a collage of the previous years outfits. I got a huge response on it on Flickr and it sparked lots of great conversations and was pretty insightful. BUT I guess I never posted it on here? I can't find it if I did.

So here a year late is a random sampling of my outfits Jan through Dec 2008. Now I just need to make one for 2009!

This was the text that went with it:
I randomly choose one pic from each of the past 12 months. I should of been
more choosey I now am thinking. I crop my photos almost daily so they were a
tish hard to line up, but anyways.....

Things I learned.
People like me in insanely expensive clothes or things that don't actually fit me so I pin them when I wear them.
Things that would be above the knee on others is below the knee on me and looks like I "like" that look that from this. I assure you its just cause I am too lazy to hem. I prefer shorter on myself.
People like me in lots and lots of layers.
That I don't like the belt over things look very much.
I own a hell of a lot of black and this isn't even a 1/10th of it.
My heels got higher as time went on. (I better learned to walk in them)
My hair might be more popular dark but its a BITCH to keep up. Dying every 3 weeks, stains EVERYTHING (towels pillows)
I like a big bow.


Emily Kennedy said...

From L to R, top to bottom, I LOVE photos 1, 6, and 9. I'm with you, you look great in stuff that's short.

Also: can't wait for 2009's collage!

hillary said...

Thanks! I don't know when you started reading but prior to August #9 was my masthead in cartoon form.


Chelsea said...

Girl, you have got the most AMAZING WARDROBE! And how is your hair always so freaking perfect?!?!?!

Love this. LOVE.

Kelly said...

The one with the hat and teal tights makes me want spring to come especially because I can see the wind in your hair! ahhhh!

Can't wait to see the 2009 one!

hillary said...

Chelsea. I have an AMAZING flat iron. Also my mom is a hairdreser so she taught me a few things in her days. and thank you! :)

Kelly Layer them! I put black or white on and put the colors over them so I don't freeze my ass off!

thanks ladies!