Thursday, November 05, 2009

You smell nice

Coat Target
Turrtleneck Target
Denim Trousers Gap
Grey suede and patent shoes target
Socks dunno maybe H&M
Necklace gift from Megan
Hair do Fennelgrls messy bun tutorial
used this oenused this 0neoIMG_5959IMG_5989
I have had a long standing love with the smell of suntan lotion. I have tons and I have been known to wear it even when not needed just to smell it. The beach is very big in my life. Not even sitting on the beach in the summer because I don't do that. But our beach is in Maine its cold and the smell of salt air is strong. As a kid we went e very Wednesday in the summer. Me my gram and all her sisters. After spending the day at the beach we'd head to my aunts condo and sit by her pool and then walk downtown for dinner. I remember going home in that car all us smelling like salt air, coconuts and sand. I posted about wanting a perfume of this awhile ago. Something that lasted longer than sunscreen, which also didn't get me all the notes I was going for.

My friend Eden emailed me about a Bobbi Brown perfume called Beach. Five months later I finally got my paws on it and let me tell you THAT IS THE SMELL! I want to bathe in it. I want to spray it every 10 minutes during the day.

Oh man I love that smell. Three of my aunts from those beach days have passed away. I haven't done a Wednesday beach day in years. My husband used to do them with us all the way through college. Him and me and gram sitting with a bunch of old ladies in bathing suits playing Rummikub and everyone saying we were cheating! (young=cheater apparently) They just didn't like to loose.

What perfume do you wear?

While this is going to become my go-to fragrance I also am a big fan of all Philosophy's fragrances. Pure and Amazing Grace is my previous go to.


Anonymous said...

Did I miss what happened to your wrist?

I am also huge on the smell of beach/summer. I got this horrid, expensive lotion from American Eagle one year just to smell like that. That's kind of why I like the Harajuku "G" has a coconutty undertone.

Daily, now, I wear True Religion. I also really love Moonlit Path from Bath and Body Works. But, yeah, in the summer I usually opt for tanning lotion of some sort for my fragrance.

hillary said...

random fact for you.
Moonlit path came out in 1997 but then it was called "pure sunshine" and then it disappeared for a few years and came back repackaged as moonlit path. I called the company because I KNEW it was pure sunshine and it was!

Becky said...

Euphoria by Calvin Klein and Incanto Heaven by Salvatore Ferragamo!

I used to be obsessed with Bath & Body Works' Cool Citrus Basil, but they discontinued it! I bought some off of ebay awhile back and hoard it like it's the most expensive perfume ever :)

BAM said...

I'm wearing an old Gap scent today "Om" or something is the name.

But I'm love love loving the Prada perfume (thier 1st one, I think there are more now). I've liked it for about 4 years and am thinking that I should just BUY it already. It's been a steady crush afterall.

Megan said...

Did knitting kill your wrist last night?

I LOVE perfume and have too many favorite fragrances but my go-to is Versace Bright Crystal. It makes me feel fancy schmancy for a fraction of Versace prices.

ShopKim said...

I love the striped shirt with the jacket! AS for perfume, I rarely wear any but when I do it's called something like Le Soleil.

mamichan said...

I remember OM! I really liked it.

Timely question, H. I'm looking for my new signature scent now. For years I wore Chanel Chance and Mademoiselle, both of which I still love I want something new. The last year, I've been using MJ Pear.

This week I am testing all of the perfume samples I've collected over the years. I like the Coach one and SJP Lovely the most so far.

Ally said...

I loved OM in college! I probably have a bottle stashed somewhere still.

I switch it up w/my perfume b/c I change my mind so much. Currently I've been layering SJP Lovely and SJP Covet. They're great solo and even better (I think) together.

I also am loving Hillary Duff's With Love (it's like I'm 15 again!), Givenchy's Very Irresistible, and the one Cynthia Rowley did for Avon - in the white bottle.

Kelly said...

Hey I have those socks!

I usually wear Victoria's Secret Dream Angles Heavenly. I know it's a super generic fragrance but I don't like (or don't "identify with") 99% of perfumes out there, so when I found one I liked, I stuck with it. And I like having a signature scent. But in the past couple months I've also been doing a lot of B&BW's Rainkissed Leaves scent. I got a big bottle for free with a purchase once, and I really do like it but I don't feel like it's very "me" just because I've been with Heavenly for so long. Plus even though I like the scent, I feel like it's more of a "home" fragrance than a "personal" one. So we'll see what I buy when both of my current perfume bottles run out!

Kelly said...

Obviously they are dream ANGELS not dream ANGLES

Chelsea said...

Oh man, I am SO WITH YOU on the sunscreen smell, in particular COPPERTONE or WATER BABIES. It's just so delicious! As a matter of fact, I just started wearing Amazing Grace (which you mentioned!), which to me smells kinda like good ole coppertone. Before AG, my go to was Hanae Mori, which is much more intense, but beautiful.

Tina said...

I bought a black shirt with white stripes last night and it made me think of your post about how much you love them. So it put an extra smile on my face to see you wearing one today.

I don't wear perfume usually, but when I do, I wear Amor Amor.

Clare said...

Oh no! What happened to your wrist?

Work With What You've Got said...

more amazing hair. And I love love love those socks with those shoes. Over the top in the best way.

anna said...

sigh. You've got that French lady look down so well. That little coat is just perfect!

anna said...

oh- and i've told you before that I also wear Pure Grace, esp. because it smells like sunscreen!

In the winter I wear Gucci rush.

Lorena said...

This is kinda tricky for i work in the perfume industry - but, right now I am using CH by Carolina Herrera.

hillary said...

You all know I will now hunt down all these perfumes just to sniff them right?!

masami Have you seen the sephora sampler where you get like 10 samples and a coupon for a full size? It is nice if you know you like one of them because you basically get them all for free. ( I know sameples are free but not usually 10 of them with an atomizer)

I own an obscene amount of perfumes. More than anyone should own and I have just as many oils of "inspired" oils. I order them on ebay.

LORENA shut the front door! I did not know that. You must tell me more about your job!

mamichan said...

i ended up getting something similar -- they D+G samples, since there were 6, along with the new leslie blodgett perfume. but i've been wanting that for a while! i figured i'd give away the ones i dont like as gifts!

Ally -- i dunno if you'll see this, but does Hillary Duff with love remind you of debbie gibson electric youth? or maybe it's just me. i like it for that reason only.

Ally said...

It does, doesn't it? I couldn't put my finger on what it was exactly. I just reminded me of my childhood and wanting to be grown up and glamorous (a teenager, of course!). I

I used a gradual spray tan product once that smelled EXACTLY like Exclamation and I loved that about it.

hillary said...

If she spelled her name correctly and by correctly I mean like mum chose to spell mine I'd buy the perfume just to have my name on my dresser.

Ally said...

Her name isn't on the bottle so no worries. The bottle is super pretty and half of the reason I bought it :)