Monday, November 30, 2009

Wishpot a Wish List tool REVIEW

My husband shared an article with me about wish list services online and Wishpot was one of the ones named as a great service. I have had an Amazon Wish List for a few years but I didn't like that you couldn't add things from other sites (they have since changed that I hear)
The thing I that I like about Wishpot was you can add a "Add to Wishpot" button to your browser bar. I spent some time last night adding things to my list. It also lets you import your Amazon list. When you are on a page with an item you like just click your "Add to Wishpot" button and a box pops up and lets you add notes or tags and it auto fills in some information and the price. It also lets you choose the photo you want (if there is more than one on the page, choose the view you want)

So the BEST part of Wishpot? You can specify if you want "contributions" for an item. (Say you want an expensive camera lens. AHEM) also people can buy things off your list and check them off so to speak and they can either let you know that it is taken off your registry or they can keep it private and EVERYONE you share your list with will see that it has been bought but you can't! (I am sure there are ways around this but I like things to be a surprise!)

Here is my list.

I also added it to the right side of my page. Some family read my blog so maybe it can help them know what I would like. I used to have major issues in telling people what I want. I would just avoid the question or just be coy. I thought it was selfish to admit what I wanted. But honestly if you don't ask for what you want you might get exactly what you don't want!
I am in my 30's I have a job and can buy what I want. I have had my own apartment for 13 years. I have all the things I NEED, so why not be honest about what I want? The things I don't want to buy for myself.

Also it is a great way for me to have all the things I see around the web in one place! So I can buy myself what I don't get come January. ha!


ShopKim said...

That's very cool! I might need to start one of those.

fabiodebe said...

Hey, always good to hear from people who enjoys Wishpot! :)
Disclosure, I work for Wishpot in London, UK.
Amazon universal wishlist is definitely going to be the preferred choice of many people for obvious reasons but I find it pretty annoying that they push products from outside Amazon to the bottom... I mean, I can see their reason but from a user perspective I'm not too crazy about that.

Also, I noticed that you have an etsy store... if the idea of linking it to your facebook and twitter accounts (and therefore being able to merchandise your products from there too) tickles you, then check this out!

hillary said...

shop kim let me know if you do as I can add you as a friend!

fabio Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Yes I don't like the dropping to the bottom. I dug how customizable Wishpot was. I can sort and categorize which makes my little Libra self very happy.