Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekend roundup

Had quite the week. Lots of stuff went on. I did the collage backwards this time Thursday being the first and Monday the last.
I kinda dig Thursday even though it is a huge departure for me. Skinny jeans and big top just isn't something I typically go for. ( I feel like it adds weight) The jeans I got this summer at Kohls and they have no zipper so they lay much flatter which I think helps.

I made a natural fiber pledge to myself awhile back. (6? 8? months ago) Now it is very hard to do all natural fibers on a budget but for the most part I'd say 80% of what I have bought in that time has stuck to that. Forever 21 actually has a TON of cotton items. Who'd a thunk it? I bought one pair of fake boots and totally regretted it. They were hot, didn't breathe at all and feel apart in 3 wearings.
I wanted to move towards natural fibers because it helped me focus on quality over quantity and I don't feel like I am suffocating in my clothes. I was starting to feel like I couldn't breathe in my clothes. I kept getting rashes and was itching. I can really tell the difference now when I wear one of my polyester dresses. I am just uncomfortable all day in it. The brown sweater I wore on Wednesday is all fake fibers. I have had it for 7 years and it is from Ann Taylor. I almost pitched it when I got home that day. I was hot and sweaty in it and it wasn't even warm at my work. I had those cold sweats in it. (TMI?)
Why am I telling you all this? Maybe to get you to think about your clothes and what you buy. All that cheap shit stuff made over seas just isn't good all the way around. Cheap labor, poor conditions and bad quality and filling the landfills. I admit I am not 100% there yet in my own clothes but I really want to be eventually.
Things I look for now. Union labels, fiber content and seams. (too many things have tiny seams and makes it hard to alter clothes)

Also? Once you own silk and cashmere you wonder how you ever lived before! There also is nothing nicer than a cotton dress on a hot summer day.


Tina said...

I don't think the Thursday outfit adds weight to you. In fact, I think you look quite slim!

And I am totally with you about the synthetic fabrics. I do have quite a few, but my favorite clothes are natural fibers. And I just recently tossed an Ann Taylor sweater sweat that I swear must have been made from sand paper. It was horrid against my skin. I expect better from AT.

hillary said...

Tina I don't think it adds weight either. I think this type of look tends to usually to me.