Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend roundup

Last week was a short week for me. Between a horrible migraine and the holiday. I really liked the outfits this week. The were well received on Flickr but not so much on here. I knew that would happen with the quizzes. It did back on Flickr when I did them. But I am NOT COMPLAINING about comments because I want to kick people who do. There is one blog I still read but refuse to comment on because the person whined about comments.

I am in love with my plastic type fur wrap. It is SO WARM. The only thing is I have to bring it to work in my purse because it doesn't really fit under my coat and it SHEDS. My beautiful black coat was covered it in!

I have gobs of more questions for you! Gobs I tell you. (which reminds me my inlaws still have my season one Arrested Development! I NEED it!)


anna said...

Indeed! I really loved all those looks last week!

Lisa said...

Last week did have great looks. I was one of those who was distracted by the quizzes (they're so intriguing and who doesn't like talking about themselves?)

I love the slouchy knit hats on you. I'm envious of your fur collar. I tried one on but didn't think/know how to pull it off.

Lesa said...

After seeing your knit hat, my 15 year old daughter just had to get one she thought it was so cute!

hillary said...

lisa Why not? I got mine home and thought the same thing but tried it on with a few things and I didn't really care what people thought because it is SO CUDDLY.

Lesa AWW that totally made my day! I am an only child and my cousins are over 9 years younger so its a secret wish of mine to impress upon a younger person in any way!

anna MWAH