Saturday, November 21, 2009

Unhealthy iPhone addiction and live in a cold climate? Read on! REVIEW

On a recent trip to Target while looking at all the lovely leather ladie's driving gloves I discovered a hidden gem.
You know you see those flip top mittens and you think OH these will be so handy and then you are waiting for the T (or subway to the rest of the world) and need to "do things" and then you wear them realize that while you can use your 4 main fingers your thumb is still covered up and wait a minute your hands cold and these aren't so practical after all. (or is it just me?)
While I have a collection of lovely mittens and gloves I find myself always pulling one off to get some change, get out my T pass or most importantly obsessively play with my iPhone. You can't do this without fingertips.

So this gem I found? I like to call them iphone gloves!

They have small flip tops only on the thumb and pointer (what do you call that one?) fingers. Basically the 4 fingers you need to obsessively play with your iPhone to the point of hurting your wrist (who did that?)

Basically they are the perfect commuting glove. I can get out money for coffee, get my T pass or work id, hold the grubby pole on the T and play with my iPhone without having to take them off. Now while I will still wear my beautiful collection of gloves and mittens I think these will be my work gloves. ( When it gets really cold I plan to wear mittens over them)
The gloves can be found here and they retail for $10. They come in black, pink or green.

EDITED to add I looked it up and it is indeed your pointer finger or the proper name of index.


Ally said...

I saw those at Target the other night - they're brilliant. I wear mittens most of the time and am pretty functional in them, but I can see how critical a fingertip would be w/an iPhone.

Oh and I think it's your index finger. I call my middle finger my pointer. hahaha

Eyeliah said...

yes, I self did that to one glove for my ipod, smart marketing people!

Kelly said...

Oooo this reminds me I want to get something like this for BF for Christmas! I saw some online a while ago that had little dots on the fingers...I forget how, but those helped you work your phone.