Monday, November 02, 2009

This is just to say

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

Ok so maybe I didn't really and William Carlos Willams did. But damn if that poem
doesn't fit me to a T. Heee. Little insight into my workings eh? My gift to you. ha.

Silk dress Banana Republic. I get a lot of use out of this 60's cut silk dress I got for $28.
Grey tights Target
Plum socks H&M
Plumy fuschiay hoodie Old Navy
Earrings Dave made
IMG_5858 - cute I THINIK THIS ONE?
Boots Clarks. These also get a TON of wear. I just had them reheeled because I had worn through to the wood. They are the most perfect cordovan color you can wear with black or brown.
use this oen
My makeup today is probably one of my faves ever. I will have a post in detail about it later. Lets just say it has something to do with Twilight. (SHUT UP I LOVE IT)
Past wearings of same dress
End of the week of my husband dressing me.
I can't go away with you on a rock climbing weekend What if something's on tv, and it's never shown again?
I am putting a request out there that the owner of
please contact me. hillary AT I am getting a lot of referrals from what appears to be this private blog and the first few times I thought oh who ever owns it might be posting they like something. But it keeps popping up in my stats and neurotic hillary took over my logical thinking and now I fear they are trashing me on their site. So please as one blogger to another please contact me.

So what did you end up doing for Halloween?
Dave and I went to a very very expensive Vet appointment and then he took me to a mall and we got cupcakes and fried food to try and soothe my inner freakout monster. My girls are my world and waiting on test results is KILLING ME. I hope they call soon so I can chill the F out. He also surprised me with some Halloween presents. One being the cutest set of polka dot flannel pjs. So I spent my Halloween in them while wearing my new suede heels trying to break them in.


Heather said...

Breaking in new heels = not so much fun

Twilight inspired makeup = awesome

are your girls ok???

hillary said...

Waffle was just getting her pre surgery bloodwork to makesure everything was ok.

Since daisyboo is 5 they wanted to do a full blood panel on her since it hasn't been done.

He goes "I have been fooled before. A cat seems fine but they have cancer"


Sal said...

That print is gorgeous, and gorgeous on ya. And oh my, that is terrifying about the kitties! Keep us posted, OK?

BAM said...

Hope everyone in the Byhillary household is doing okay...

Am excited to hear about your twilight makeup!

Oranges And Apples said...

this dress is amazing, and fingers crossed your kitties are alright!

Kelly said...

Yikes - hope those referrals are nothing. For what it's worth, whenever I check the referrals there are a couple blogs who are always showing up, but whenever I click to see the post they don't mention TLP at all, they just have us in their blogroll and for some reason every time they make a post, it shows up in our referrals again. Maybe it's some jank HTML that they have in common with thecharmofit?

Lisa said...

I love that dress!!!

Also your make up looks gorgeous today. I don't really follow the Twilight stuff, but I could get onboard with the make up. I hope everything turns out ok with your kitties.

D'Et said...

The makeup is really nice! It seems to compliment that dress perfectly.

I'm sending furry, happy, healthy vibes to the kitties. I always worry myself half to death about that kind of stuff, too.

Clare said...

Love that gorgeous dress, and that makeup is lovely!

Lorena said...

Hope all is well with your girls....
I like this dress... very pretty and i think its very clever how you have styled it in different ways.
For Halloween i have out candy to the kids wearing a Spanish hat... my H dressed as a pirate and scared the hell out of the kids !

Linda said...

This is such an old post, I know, but I too am getting referrals from
Did you figure out why? I goggled it and saw your post.


The Auspicious Life

hillary said...

No I never did find out why and I am SO curious!