Friday, November 06, 2009

These boots really were made for walking

Denim Trousers Gap (different that yesterdays)
Belt gift from my daddy (he picked it out himself. I think he got it at a leather store)
White shirt Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace Tiffany's gift from husband
Shrunken blazer with rolled cuffs Gap

I am not a huge see an outfit and be inspired to copy it person. But now and again I see something I love and simply must do myself. It always comes out different because that is just who I am.
The outfit was Rachel Bilson. (below middle) I had taken a quick cellphone pic of the outfit so sorry for the quality.

ideaused this one
The bracelet is from Arizona. It is a Celiac Awareness bracelet. See the little "no wheat" symbol? The watch is my automatic watch the easter bunny gave me one year.
I did a braid starting on one side and along the back of my head. It fell apart on the T so I had to redo it at my desk. It's not as good as it was this morning now.
Boots Cowboy store in FL gift from mom. They are Durangos. They still sell them and they are available on their site. They are my first real pair of cowboy boots (as opposed to fashion boots that look like cowboy boots) I have to say they are amazingly comfortable. There was no break in period and I can walk and stand in them for extended periods of time. The shaft is soft too so you can easily bend in them.

What are your plans for this weekend AND *bonus question* What are you doing tonight?

No big plans for the weekend. Dave will be doing copious amounts of homework and I will probably be reading and napping. We are going to try to go to this giant craft fair tomorrow. I look forward to it all year. I like to eat my way down the food samples aisle. I describe to Dave what each thing tastes like. Once in a blue moon someone is selling a GF product.


Sal said...

I am so impressed with your braiding skillz.

Anonymous said...

I am stage managing a play and it opens this weekend so.....that's my life this weekend. The theatre.

Kelly said...

Hee I love your colored hairband with this outfit!

My plans for this weekend are super boring. I want to get a lot of crap done at home - raking, laundry, blah blah blah. Tomorrow I am going to lunch at the art museum with my mom and aunts, though, so at least that will ensure that I actually shower and get dressed instead of sclubbing around in sweats all day cleaning!

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love, love the entire look, as always! Those pants are super long and amazing. Real cowboy boots are the bomb, those are a lovely color.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love, love the entire look, as always! Those pants are super long and amazing. Real cowboy boots are the bomb, those are a lovely color.

Work With What You've Got said...

That hair is amazing girl!~ Amazing. And I love this look on you.

I am crashing a party tonight. I hope it's fun.

anna said...

you hit the nail on the head with this outfit! This is a great look for you.
And just so's ya know, i wore a partial braid to keep my long side bangs out of the way tonight, and all I could think about was you!

Lorena said...

Very pretty - i have an envelope full of looks i want to "copy" from magazines, ads, and so on, but, so far i have not done any of them !!! :/

This weekend in am in Bogota, Colombia... working.

hillary said...

Thanks so much everyone.
Kelly I purposefully bought bright hairties to spice up ponytails! I was tired of black and brown that didn't match my hair so why not clash?!

Kelly said...

I never buy fun colors because I'm boring. They're always brown. And I ALWAYS have at least one on my wrist, usually two, so I walk around with unfun brown "bracelets" too (it's so bad that I've been at a wedding and looked down and realized that I was wearing these ugly things with my otherwise fancy outfit - it's like I don't even register them anymore when I give myself a once-over).

Clare said...

That belt is fab. Love the westerny look.