Saturday, November 28, 2009


My Thanksgiving was....well... it was Thanksgiving. That is all I really have to say about that.

I didn't take hardly any photos which was very unlike me. My dad and I got to listen to most of Alice's Restaurant. He timed his arrival just so we could listen to it. People didn't quite catch on we were trying to LISTEN to it and kept asking us to turn it down and continued to talk over it. (I hear the DJ at our local radio station hides the album and refuses to tell anyone where it is except on Thanksgiving)
I had turkey dinner and smashed sweet taters
We brought Waffle so we could monitor her stitches. This was her first big car trip. She was SUCH a good girl. She hid for about 36 hours. When she did come out she was very well behaved. I only had to untangle her claws from gram's lace curtains once. Daisyboo cries and cries and cries and then starts to hyperventilate she is crying so much in the car and gets sick every time so we just left her home. Waffle was an angel. She didn't say BOO. She was agreeable and quiet and even took a nap. We stopped off at a place on the way that makes gluten free food. We cut up some chicken for Waffle so she was just getting meat and no coating. She LOVED it. This was her first taste of cooked chicken. On Thanksgiving she got TURKEY and smashed sweet tater. She smushed the taters around and made a mound but the turkey was another story. The best part of the day was my uncle some how coerced her out and was talking baby talk to her. If you know my rottweiler owning uncle this is a VERY VERY humorous image. My even laid on the floor and was trying to get her to come out from under the bed. My grandparents don't like cats but they seemed to be smitten with her. She does that to even the most hardened non-cat person!

Some of the few pics I did get.

mah dad
thanksgiving 014

We came home yesterday. It felt nice to be home again. Sit around in pjs and read while Dave does homework. I am almost done with Augusten Burrough's new book "You Better Not Cry" it is pretty hilarious and slightly heart breaking at times.

I have new polish review but the photos came out terrible so I need to retake them before I post it.

How was your Thanksgiving?


Kennedy said...

hey! i didn't know there was a boston blogger meetup! you have to let me know the details! do you live in the north end too? this is exciting!

Heather said...

Sounds and looks like you had a restful weekend. I looked after BooBoo Gataki and she threw up. No fun.

Clare said...

The fact that you and your dad listen to Alice's Restaurant on Thanksgiving makes you my new fave blogger. Seriously. I got a text from my sister on turkey day saying "...excepting Alice..." It's my favorite Thanksgiving tradition ever.

chunkstyle said...

Love Alice's Restaurant :) Didn't listen to it this year though :( I kind of miss my family.

Lesa said...

Waffle is the cutest little kissy face, hope she is better. Just finished "You Better Not Cry" love all of his books, but they are heart breaking.