Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunglasses cover up my green eyes

Sweater, ruffle shirt and pencil skirt (it has some fun seaming on front) ALL New York and Co. Not sure how that happened. When I was 23 I almost exclusively wore their stuff. Back when it was Lerner too. This morning was HARD and I just grabbed all my new clothes and put them on together. I didn't intend to be a walking ad. :P
Tights Target
Boots Aldo
IMG_6270brown aldo boots

This photo is pretty accurate for how I am doing today

I am just very overtired. I become a wreck when I don't get enough sleep. My whole system shuts down. My husband likes to point out he gets less sleep than I do. BUT I AM NOT YOU. My body revolts.

How are you today?

I gotta be honest. My overtired mind is not liking this combo.


Becky said...

Uhoh...this looks like the side-effects of reading my blog :) I SO wanted that sweater in red, but they only had the chiffon-embellished one, so I got it. I'm gonna be festive as hell this holiday season! You look lovely even if you don't feel 100%...and I already have a playlist started for your cd!

Kelly said...

I love that sweater. I hope you get a nice long sleep tonight - not getting enough is the pits.

ShopKim said...

I find that when you don't get enough sleep it's pretty easy to be down about a lot. I hope you're able to catch up on some sleep soon! The outfit looks great so no worries there. :-)

hillary said...

Becky I have been shopping there since you were in first grade. Ok **feels OLD**

thanks so much you guys. I am Anemic and my entire system shuts down on lack of sleep. If I don't nip it in the bud I will have to get those hip shots. DO NOT WANT.

KayeStar said...

Well you maybe tired.... but you look fab! I for one, love that color combo... esp so close to your face, I think it is stunning with your complexion. Sleep well tonight!

Sal said...

Well, I'm LOVING it. You prove, once again, that redheads can look totally amazing in green.

C Lo said...

I think you look beautiful. I want to steal that sweater.

I am overtired as well. I went out with my theatre friends on SUNDAY night and we shut down the bar. So I got three hours of sleep on Sunday night/Monday morning and it's just now catching up with me. Burning eyes.........no amount of coffee can help me today.

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

I love the colors of your sweater and blouse. It's one of my favorite color combos.

I remember Lerner's. That used to be one of my grandmom's favorite store. (I think she may have had a charge card there--that's rare for her.) That's where you go to get your "work " clothes. I couldn't wait to grow up and go shopping at Lerner's.

How am I feeling today?

For the past few days, I've been walking around like my head has been in a fog. Could my sinuses be bothering me for this long?

kendra said...

I'm with you on the overtired. I keep getting to bed close to midnight, which is NOT good when I wake up with a baby a couple times a night and then have to get up for the day around 7. Especially not good when I'm detoxing from caffeine for the week. But I am strengthened knowing I just have three days to go until I take a week of vacation!

BAM said...

I have the exact same conversation with my husband! I swear he is fine with 4 hours of sleep, I'm a big sleeper and really need around 7-8 hours of SLEEP, not cuddling, not waking up b/c a cat is meowing. Like actual sleep. I can get by on 6, but am not pleasant. I'm a sleep diva.

I hope you get some rest!

Today: Pretty good, no real complaints. yea today

anna said...

Sorry you were feeling overtired yesterday- hope you got some sleep!

I love that green cardigan- the color is so rich and goes great with your complexion!

Lorena said...

WOW THAT BLOUSE AND SWEATER HAVE THE most amazing colorssssssssssssss lovely!
I hate it when I don't get enough sleep - last night was like that for me.
I watched the 2012 trailer and could not sleep, kept looking out the window to see if the "waters had risen"....