Friday, November 06, 2009

Sometimes it just isn't right

I have had a few questions about taking my photos and do I use flash, tripod etc. I don't ever use flash I try to stick to natural or indoor lighting. I use a small gorilla pod I either stand up on something or wrap around something (a book sticking out of the shelf for example.
I made a little example to show sometimes it just isn't working out. The lighting, the setting, the framing...

(click to enlarge)

So I move around until I am satisfied. Then if I am still not satisfied I look to potatoshop for help. To adjust lighting or colors or to crop.


Lisa said...

Your pictures always look so nice. I am absolutely retched at doing self portraits. I have a gorilla pod too but I can never seem to get it just right. Someday I aspire to be like you.

hillary said...

Lisa if it makes you feel better at all I went to grad school for photography. But I am a drop out. :) and stubbornly nonpracticing. (meaning I know what to do but actually doing it sometimes is rough)