Monday, November 02, 2009

Review Twilight Luna Makeup in Victoria and Femme Fatale in '53 Chevy

The Halloween goblin gifted me a trip to Nordstrom on Halloween and when I went to pay for these lovely items with the end of my birthday money, he surprised me and bought them! (So I got Bobbi Brown Beach with the money instead! more on that later) The goblin even picked the lippy out himself! ( I was just buying the palette! I'm cheap!)

On with the review. Twilight Luna Palette in Victoria (I know it felt weird to buy hers) retails for $28 and can be purchased exclusively at Dillard's (not in New England!) or at Nordstrom or online from Twilight Beauty's website. The Femme Fatale lipgloss in color '53 Chevy retails for $20.

The palette is about the size a credit card and it pretty thin. Victoria is two shades of purple eyeshadow with beautiful soft mauve lips and bright pink "I just tracked you through the woods in the cold and now I have a beautiful flush but I am evil" blush (I just made that up)

It is ALL about the eyes with this palette. The lipgloss while it appears red is a lovely see thru color that perfectly recreates the Veronica Mars lip look I have tried for years to recreate. Now those two lip swatches on my hands are the opposite of what you would think. The lighter shade on my hand is the DARKER shade in the palette. Tricky huh?

I am wearing Loreal Foundation here and only the palette and lipgloss. I do not have on the lipsticks from the palette but instead the '53 Chevy gloss. I put the softer purple over my entire lid and the darker on the outer 1/3 of my eye, in the crease and lined top and bottom with it. I then took a little more of the lighter shade and tucked it in the inner corner of my eye.

Head on.

While the palette and lipgloss are a bit more than I usually spend (MAC lipglass is $14) they are well worth the money. This morning I just tucked the palette in my cellphone pockets of my purse! I thought perfect for mid day touch up! BUT I didn't need it! The colors have FANTASTIC staying power and are very pigmented. I think I might even go back and get another palette! Perfect for those times when you need to travel light or to change up your makeup at work before going out to dinner with your husband. :)


Lemondrop Marie said...

That color really brings out your eyes... wonderful review! I might just get out my lazy makeup rut and purchase some.

laniza said...

What gorgeous makeup!

BAM said...

That looks fantastic, esp. the eye makeup.

Julie Briggs said...

Are you wearing the blush? How did that one turn out? And how's the quality of the makeup? I just want to make sure it's not really cheap stuff with the Twilight name slapped on it (and by cheap I mean quality not price, obviously, since these are pretty expensive haha).

hillary said...

Yes I am wearing all the makeup in the product photo only.

I really like them. I think they are great quality but you dont get a lot for the money. I love that it fits in my cellphone pocket though. I use it a lot when I travel. I think they might be a little hard to find now because I haven't seen it in store in about 6 months. This was from almost a year ago.

Julie Briggs said...

Thanks :) And I think Dillard's doesn't sell them anymore, but you can get a few of them on Nordstrom's website and the whole makeup line (including nail polish and other stuff) at I've been eyeing this stuff for awhile, just wanted to hear from someone who had actually used it.