Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The post that runs the gamut of topics.

See I can be wicked boring. Still not much sleep. Death in family last night left me with no outfit this morning. I had to get up early for a doctors appointment before work and this was what I came up with. You totally can't see the cardigan here. The orange makes me happy. I think I look cute yet boring. I got to work too late to take a stacks photo so I took this quickly in my cubicle farm. I could see the person in the next cube moving around and prayed they didn't see what I was doing. Those blue bags are from the benefits fair I just went to! Free tissues, hand sanitizer, toothbrush and 15 minute chair massage!

Shirt Target
Sweater Ann Taylor sweater I sewed buttons on. All these buttons are off other clothes I own. You know how they come with a little packet of buttons? I save them in a jar. Dave likes to point to one and say "what is this one from"
Pants Ann Taylor Loft
Boots Aldo

I liked my detail photo but I cut off my feet when I took it! buggah!
The pants are pinstripe. The boots I wore yesterday.
But I got a hair cut! Photo on left is Tuesday night, photo on right is Monday night. It was the best and most recent hair photo despite wearing the beret.
my hair cut
I skipped my Weight Watchers meeting today to go to the Benefits fair. I missed it the last 3 weeks because of work commitments. But I never stopped tracking (I have daily since oct 26 2006) I feel icky when I miss that many.

In the vein of thinking positively. For the first time ever someone actually said something about having kids to me last night. I have friends who say people ask them all the time "when you having kids" No one has ever said it Dave and I (well once but only because I told her to. *waves* hi megan) So you know who said it? MY DAD. It was the most beautiful and touching thing ever. If you know my dad (few of you do) he is not an emotions guy. He doesn't compliment, share emotions or let you know how he feels about you. It just isn't him. But hearing him talk to me about having children just made my life. It told me that my dad was glad I was born. That I was the best thing that ever happened to him. (technically he said "kids are the best thing to ever happen to you" but I am an only child so HE MEANT ME!)

ENOUGH SAP lets talk Vampires.

Now before you say anything negative let me say this to you.

So who is excited for New Moon?
(let me refer you to the above picture once again)
Dave and I aren't big movie goers since he went back to school but SOMEONE *coughmegancough* bought me two movie tickets! That means I have money for SUGAR! Dave is actually excited to go. He is impressionable. I am excited so he gets excited. (or as Teresa's husband on RHWNJ says "happy wife happy life")


Megan said...

so many things... i feel like i need to leave you a list.
1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I also had a recent death in the family, so I really feel for you. I had forgotten how awful it was.
2. I love the buttons on the cardigan.
3. TWILIGHT!! NEW MOON!! Thats all.

Anonymous said...

I'm on twitter. onesmarmymama

just sayin'.

You look adorable today, as always. Pfft, boring. I don't think so.

Sal said...

The buttons on the cardi are SO CUTE! What a great way to put those spares to use.

I am excited for the movie for sure, but will likely wait a few months until it hits the cheap theaters. ;)

mansionmogul said...

for a "boring" outfit I think it is pretty adorable and neat and tidy and that is definitely something - love the buttons, what a fab idea and well done! Haircut looks great too!

ShopKim said...

Love the buttons on the cardi! What a quick and cheap embellishment. Great idea. The haircut looks great and totally can't wait for New Moon! I devoured the books and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I know I have TONS of good company in that boat!

BAM said...

I like your positives thoughts today...those little (movie) and big (lovely father talk) things are what get us all through those tough days.

Good luck!

Becky said...

Hillary, I'm so sorry about the death in your family-my prayers are with you!

On a lighter note, I save my extra button packets, too! I love that you used them to brighten up the cardigan-it looks great!

Your hair looks hawt.

Um, so are you thinkin' about having behbays soon? Waiting for Dave to finish school? I am NOSY as hell! Sorry :)

I'm excited about New Moon...but not like SUPER excited. I'll definitely go see it!

Kelly said...

I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

More superficially, I really like your buttons and your hair!

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Not to rapidly change the subject . . . but your hair looks great and I love that cardigan!

On the Twilight stuff, while I'm not into it personally I really appreciate the fact that it has got some of my students to read!

Clare said...

I ADORE those pinstripe pants.

I actually know very little about the Twilight stuff, but Joe and I are in the midst of an Interview with the Vampire movie night tonight!

J said...

I liked the first twilight movie (I am 35) and I tried reading the books. New Moon was pretty boring in my opinion, but these books aren't "fine literature" in my opinion, they are fun reading.

I will go see the movie because it's just fun. I tend to see only fun movies. If I need deep intellectual stimulation, I get that from reading online articles and NPR Podcasts all day.

The third book is much more interesting and I am enjoying it a bit more.