Monday, November 09, 2009

Long lost written word.

I like to write. I was always that friend that wrote 4 letters for every letter I received. I never really wrote anything of much substance but there was always a lot of it. Then I got a computer and all that kinda died off. I used to keep journals of what I did everyday. Not a diary but a literal account what I did that day.

June 4 1995 (I am making this up) School, McDonald's with mom. Called Emily.
That would of been an example of what I wrote. I did it for a couple years.

Now the only things I physically write are notes at meeting at work and some post its (or as my dad calls them Sticky Damnits)

That was until I got a new pen.

I am bit like this over it. (it is worth watching if you have 4 minutes) It is hand carved by a local artist, it is Padauk wood from West Africa. Dave got it for me from this really nice guy at a craft fair this weekend. I then spent the rest of the weekend writing notes to Dave and making him reply in writing. I also copied down lines from Mad Men last night. I wrote until my hand hurt.
I am a rightie and I usually have a death grip

If it starts to hurt I try to let up some. Like this.

I felt so fancy this morning pulling it out of my purse and signing a slip with it. Also I didn't get the cooties public register pens all have. I only get my own cooties.

If you haven't written anything in awhile you should take 5 minutes today and just write what ever comes to mind. It was very cathartic. I just wish my arm didn't hurt!

Do you still write letters? Who do you write to?

I am bad and don't write to many people anyone. I was writing with my friend Eden and sadly that is it. I have been bad and I think it is my turn to reply. I used to have a Russian pen pal for years. We were paired up in elementary school. I wrote to her through high school too. I loved how she always wrote on graph paper.


ShopKim said...

I hardly ever do any real writing besides lists and notes to myself at work. The only thing I do occasionally is write in the kids' journals. That's maybe once every few months though. It's definitely becoming a lost habit.

Tina said...

I am a huge proponent of written correspondence. I used to write 3-4 letters a week to a friend when she moved away, but since she's moved back I don't really have anyone to write to that would appreicate it like she did. Most of my other out of town friends and family would prefer email. So my trunk (yes, I said trunk. I have an entire camel-back trunk full of stationary) just sits there and silently chastises me for not writing to anyone anymore. *sigh*

Kelly said...

I used to write letters all the time when I moved away for college, but since I've moved back I pretty much don't write them anymore. Everyone I wrote them to is here - and my one cousin who used to write to me a lot and lives in VT works for the same company I do, so when we have news we usually use our company's IM system to talk to each other during the day and there isn't much leftover to write in a letter!

Of course I still write thank-you cards, things like that, but I don't write many "just because" letters anymore.

Oh - I had a few german penpals in high school and college too, and they always wrote on graph paper! And they actually all had pretty similar handwriting. Weird.

Lisa said...

I wrote (and mailed) letters to my bridesmaids to ask them to be in my wedding. They loved it. I was over at one of my friend's places this weekend and I saw the note was on her fridge and it made me want to write more letters.

I also have this obsession with stationary, which is strange considering I don't write letters very often.

Chelsea said...

I don't have the patience for writing by hand anymore, since I type so much faster! I do write a lot, but it's mostly lists, notes for work and school, and that's about it.

Lorena said...

I use to write a lot before.
Not anymore and I honestly miss it.
In fact now when i take notes in meetings or just write a little i get tired really fast and i can see that my handwriting has changed - :(
I write to my great aunts, they are over 80 and I write to them at least once a year -
It's a pity we have lost the custom of doing it, it's so much personal ...

Clare said...

I have a few friends that I write letters with. It's one of my favorite things.

Andrea said...

I like this post very much :) I have ALWAYS enjoyed writing very much and still send personal notes in each & every Christmas card I send. I also study history, so everytime I do archival work and read beautiful 19th century script, I have this big fantasy of taking up caligraphy and writing on tea-stained paper.

BAM said...

I love writing letters to folks. My mom, sister and I are BIG letter people, but it's usually associated with holidays, birthdays, and thank yous.

So much better than a bill in the mailbox and I love that someone took the time to write.

Plus, I love stationary and little cards, they are cute and begging to be used!


Becky said...

I don't really write letters anymore, but I'm a huge proponent of the hand-written thank you note on pretty stationery! I'm addicted to Pilot G2.7 (I think?) roller ball pens...they make my cursive writing look prettier somehow!