Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Just that much closer to my Aretha hat

Red gingham shirt Ann Taylor Loft
Denim full mini skirt Ann Taylor Loft
Boots Merrell LL Bean
Studded belt Dorothy's Costume
Hat Small hat store in Boston
BOW from my mumsy
Hooded empire waist hoodie Old Navy
Bangles one set from husband one set from mom
Heart bracelet gift from husband
Earrings Heidi Klum

I like bows, I like how red and black look together. I like bows. I like ruffles. I like a princess sleeve.
Yeah that is all I got.

I got the hat idea from Julie! Thank you julie for helping me a bit closer to my dream of wearing an Aretha hat.
dude I want it!

how about this? - yes
Today's question.

Do you photoshop yourself?

I sometimes do but not often. I usually just crop of fix exposure. Today I did a little extra work with the healing brush.

Retouched photo
Full fixed

Original photo.
Now while it probably isn't noticeable to everyone but my little facial indiscretions was all I could see. I admit I love to alter my photos but I don't do it for remix often, more just for fun. I am working on shaving off lbs. I want to fix my wedding photos. I weigh 25 lbs less!


Sal said...

I, too, dream of wearing the Aretha hat. Your Aretha-hat-stand-in is pretty durned cute, too!

Chelsea said...

Ooooh, I love ze bow on ze beret! Very Madeline to me... and yes this is my attempt as a french accent via comment ;)

hillary said...

I LOVE madeline. My mom made the bow for me. I have 3 different colored ones.

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

A couple things..first, you look amazing. Second, I touch up sometimes too...When I reach 100 pounds lost I plan to go to the dermatologist to have my face made all perfect and pretty. I think I'm the only 29 year old who has wrinkles (though small) around my eyes who still gets pimples now and then..and now. hehe
I also think it's awesome that you're shaving off pounds though I can't imagine where you'd need to lose any..but awesome for you anyway.

hillary said...

I meant I am trying to shave lbs digitally on my wedding photos.

Oranges And Apples said...

So cute! I usually change brightness, contrast and saturation a little on my photos, and always crop. I often use the healing brush on close up pictures of my face - I have massive pores on my cheeks!

Kelly said...

I still so love that Aretha hat.

I photoshop almost all my photos at least a little bit - usually adjusting levels, brightness, etc. Since I don't normally take close-ups of my face I don't really photoshop myself to get rid of "flaws" but if I took a daily makeup photo or something I'm sure I would put on "digital makeup"!

FWIW, I can't tell the difference between the two photos - you're gorgeous in each!

Lisa said...

I love the Aretha hat!

I honestly can't tell the difference between the two pictures, but everyone is always the most critical of themselves. I don't photoshop, but wish I had it and knew how b/c whenever I look at my pictures I see a whole bunch of little things I could "neaten" up.

BAM said...

Ahh..I want to photoshop, but don't think I even have that program. I'm a pretty lame photographer and basically ending up putting on a bunch of powder. :)

Amy said...

Lmao i can't even tell the difference between those two photos! You're obviously perfect already, no need for photoshop. Love the bow hat :)

hillary said...

Thanks so much everyone. I have a very large ahem pimple on the right side of my nose. I had makeup on it but it was still stuck out pretty far :( I had some smaller ones I digitally covered up as well.

Clare said...

YAY FOR THE ARETHA HAT!! This outfit is amazingly adorable and total Parisian chic.

anna said...

Yay, aretha hat! You do like a bow! (and look super cute in it!)