Thursday, November 05, 2009

Informal Poll - Headshot

Hello my lovelies. I want you to help me with something. If you were me needed to send someone a headshot (totally informal) Which of these that are already taken, if you didn't have time to take a proper one would you send?

Thank you in advance!

head shot lucky sent  in

Full fixed

I had a play date.



I used this oen

makeup detail

red flower  head band head shot forever 21

Edited to add: There is now a POLL on the upper right side of the blog.


Kelly said...


treesaw said...

I like number 3 and number 1

D'Rae said...

I like number 1 the best.

C Lo said...

3 or 7

Becky said...


BAM said...

I liked #1 b/c you're looking straight at the camera.

#5 is good too, because it just kinda looks like you. Maybe the red and cherries make me think that?

D'Et said...

I'd also say #1.

Megan said...

I love 1 because you're looking at the camera and it's very engaging.

ShopKim said...


hillary said...

Silly me I just posted a poll on the upper right of the screen.
I have to say I already sent in a photo and it was before #1 was taken sadly. But I want to be prepared for next time because I was very unprepared.

Megan said...

Well, I'm the first to vote for it, but I LOVE #9.

mamichan said...


Dave77459 said...

Vaht ist dis? We cannot see the results after we vote? *feels cheated*

Chelsea said...

Numero uno (I am partial to that fantastic bow)!

anna said...

I voted for #1 as well. They are all pretty, but number one has this great serene quality to it.

Lorena said...

voted for n. 1
would use it on my resumeee!

hillary said...

thanks so much everyone! I chose poorly the first time but it was under a time crunch and made my friend Jason pick one for me. I didn't have photo 1 at the time but in future I will use that one!