Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm so starsturck, baby could you blow my heart up?

Sweater and necklace Banana Republic I got it at the friends and family sale. It usually is $100 which is way too much in my mind but it was on sale then 30% off so that was much more realistic, especially for such a casual sweater. It is kinda the color of oatmeal but is photographing a tish gray.
Jeans Kohls. They are denim but they are pull ons and they aren't tight. So what are they? Jennings?
Boots Clarks
Shirt Target
Earrings craft fair
Watch Kenneth Cole
Ring MFA store
Wallet and bag Coach
Coat Target

Oh did you notice it has a hood?
I got my first big girl wallet last night and it matches my shirt. (see it doesn't have hello kitty on it) I had a"life is short, live it" moment. So I tapped my "Ladies Nice Things" account and got a wallet and a Ocelot keycase. Of course now I am a freaking out and want to return it all especially since Waffle has surgery tomorrow.
Holy roots batman! Who do I think I am Carrie Bradshaw? (mind you I LOVE her)
I wish they were as dark as they appear here. It is just the contrast they are very light in natural light. I even have blonde ones growing out of my head. What is up with that I don't know. I have never been a blonde. I want it this color with sunkissed strawberry blonde highlights.
me and my dad 1983
Thank you all for your kind words about my Aunt Lil. I sadly didn't know her as well as my dad did. It was a bit hard on my family because we lost her brother only a few weeks ago. My Uncle Paul. I found this fun photo of a part of my family I wanted to share with you that includes both of them along with my gram.
Please click to enlarge. They are a handsome bunch. My Aunt lil was the top left and Paul is bottom left. I like to say my grandmother is the most attractive lady of the bunch a point she likes to argue but I have never had someone guess wrong when I say "prettiest" What can I say I am biased!

I have more a request for you. I want to see a picture of you when you were little!

I will even start you off.


Kelly said...

I can't explain why but I LOVE that picture where you're showing your wallet.

You can see a pic of me when I was little in my blog header :)

hillary said...

its the sweater wrinkles you love. :P

BAM said...

I just posted the only electonic pic I have of me as a child...


Becky said...

That sweater looks so cozy! I own not a thing from Coach, but somehow, my mom has two Coach gifts from one of her students' parents who works there! I tell her she has to give them to me, but she says no. Grrrr!

And I have BIG plans to have some pictures of me from over the years on my blog, but I can't until I go home for Christmas. BUT, if you wanna, there's a baby picture of me on facebook in my profile pictures.

Beck, At Her Best said...

That sweater is really nice - the oatmeal/grey looks good with the purple. I just missed that friends & family sale since I'm trying to save money for a NYC trip next month. (boo).

Also, I posted a kiddy photo on my blog post for today if you really want to see it. It's a little small, but I dont have a lot of old pics here at my apt or on my computer.

Lisa said...

I like the term "jennings."

I was looking at that same wallet in the Coach store . . . if I said I wasn't jealous that you have it I'd be lying.

I don't have any photos here of me as a young child, but my hair was crazy (my mom used to fluff it with a pick) and I went through a phase where I squinched up my face in every picture.

hillary said...

Lisa I have my work put $20 bucks of each paycheck into a seperate account I labeled my "ladies nice things" and a few time a year I buy myself a fancy purse. Doing this I got my Marc Jacobs bag too! So I don't feel I take money from the family to buy things like this! I highly reccomended it!! It's a pain in the ass to get money from it too. Go from 9-3 and they cut a check I can only cash at a bank a short walk from work. So I really want something when I get money out! Ha!