Monday, November 16, 2009

I wrote a song about your car.

Moto jackety thingy Forever 21
Shirt (its has an elastic waist and kinda blossoms out) H&M
Cami H&M
Trousers Gap
Shoes Clarks (my gram calls them nun shoes. Hey they are cute and have a comfy heel)
Earrings gift from husband

Silver charm bracelet Husband wedding present
Pandora bracelet
Gucci link(that's the name not the brand) from parents
One set silver bangles Husband other from Mom
I have on 21 bracelets. ha!
I love my little moto jackety sweatshirt thingy. I love the zip sleeves the most. Undone cuffs on a man KILLS ME! oh man love love.

Makeup Twilight palette Rosaline.
IMG_6196black oxfords clarks
Bag Mike Doughty concert. LOOK its signed! :) (shut up I can brag it's my blog!)
This weekend I went to my 5th Mike Doughty concert. (It was Dave's 6th! He was lucky enough to see Soul Coughing in highschool) We aren't big concert goers. It isn't that we don't love them, it is more Dave is so busy it is hard for him to take the time. Also concerts are so spendy and as a migraine sufferer it can be hard for me sometimes. But Mike is one we TRY to see whenever he is in town. He has been in town once a year since we moved her. Twice we missed out on tickets. This time we missed out again but we bought tickets for a show in New Hampshire instead and trekked up there for it. We made a afternoon of it. Went to a MALL on the way (big deal to city kids)
I got to meet him again briefly.

I have met him 4 times and I am sure he has NO IDEA who I am. Maybe this is my own ego but he is always exceptionally kind to me, I think he can see how shy I am. He is a prolific twitterer and sadly he tweeted he didn't enjoy the show because of the drunks. I will never go to a show there again it was a terrible venue. But the show was great. He sold it afterward so I have the whole thing on 2 cds. Which is so fun for me and Dave. We try to get a hold of all the shows we go to and say "remember when he said this??!" Soul Coughing is the first thing Dave and I bonded over. I had just heard them when I met him and I brought the cd when he picked me and a friend up and made him listen to it. He bought it the next day. :) I met one of my favorite people on his old message board about 10 years ago.

ENOUGH GUSHING. What can I say he played a neat part in my life connecting me to people. When I learn friends are fans I get all giddy like they learned my secret handshake.

Oh and before you ask. I am over my hissyfit of the episode on my birthday.

What did you do this weekend??


Steve Sparshott said...

Doughty's got his head on upside down. Did you read the Village Voice interview a few weeks back? Sounds like Soul Coughing was a pretty rotten experience for him.

hillary said...

Do you read his blog at all? he is pretty open about it. He said how toxic it was for him. He got clean once he left.
Do you have a link to the article? I didn't see it and am a bit shocked you didn't send it to me! :)

His head is HUGE isn't it?

hillary said...

Can I say you commenting on my blog makes my day?

DUDEEEEEEEEEEE I just remembered! He is how you and I connected too!!!!

Kelly said...

Oooh I love that jacket especially with your hair! I have to confess I don't know who that singer/band is but congratulations on a pic with someone you like so much!

I had a pretty boring weekend. Everyone was out of town or busy so I pretty much sat around. Rented a movie. Baked a lot. Blech.

hillary said...

Kelly no worries! Most people don't. He isn't exactly famous. His band had a tiny sliver of fame in 1996.

anna said...

Hooray! Glad you got a pic with him.

And, girl, that blue is stunning on you!

This weekend I was flying solo, so I started the knitting sweatshop that is my house before Christmas. I managed to sneak in one of the Bella mittens ( for myself too! Other than that, just trying to recover from the flu.

hillary said...

oh feel better! I HAVE to learn cables. HAVE TO.

hillary said...


You can listen to little clips. You might know them. His solo work is NOTHING like the band though.

Sal said...

He's a seriously sweet man, and SUCH a flirt. I love that about him.

Also loving that blue moto - SO cute!

Kasmira said...

The blue jacket is awesome!

hillary said...

This jacket is $14 bucks at f21 and comes in 3 colors. I think I NEED THEM.

thanks so much everyone!

Lorena said...

this is some kick ass jacket (may i curse in your blog?)
the color is great on you .... and i have to say that pearl necklace... if you lose it, it was me :)

Becky said...

I ADORE that jacket! Methinks I'd like to do a mixed cd swap with you, because I don't think I've heard Mike Doughty, either...and I have a feeling you have good taste in music :)(I know you've done this before, and not everyone gave you one in return, but you know I will!)

hillary said...

Sal he CAN be nice but he can also be a raging asshole who flips his shit OUT. (I do too so I am forgiving) I saw him go qwazzzzzy on a girl two years ago at a show.


Beck, At Her Best said...

That color really suits you. I love moto jackets - I have a leather one but its more outerwear for me. I've been wanting one of the sweatshirt equivalents but everytime I go to f21 I end up with that "deer in the headlights" too, like you mentioned and then I have to leave and go sit down someplace. I blame all the bright lights.