Friday, November 13, 2009

I want your love and I want your revenge

Brown ribbed tights Vera Wang (I have like 4 pairs)
Saddle boots Clarks (they are cordovan colored)
Brown cardigan Gap (It came back from the cleaners. I am allowed to wear it again in one week right?)
Ring MFA store
Earrings I made
Scarf Street vendor in NYC
Beret bought from the amazing Julie of Rotten Cupcakes

IMG_6137clark boots english saddleearrings I just made myself.
Now the dress. When people say things like "oh I have had this for 10 plus years" I tend to roll my eyes mostly because my ass can't fit into my stuff from early college or high school when I was 2 or 4 (it varied sometimes I was down to a 0) Then I remembered I had this dress. It gets stuck in the back of the closet for years at a time. So I have had this dress since .... 1994. My grandparents had taken me to Portland to buy school clothes and this new store called Old Navy that had just opened. (It used to be a MUCH different store. SO was Banana remember when it used to be all safari themed?) The dress is very well made and made after 40's style. I thought it was too short to wear but hell what can't tights fix really? So yes I have had this dress since I was 16 and I am now 31. The difference is I used to wear my clothes baggy then. Now if I bought this dress I would buy the next size up for a little more breathing room up top.
me angry facing at the wind
We tried outside photos but it was SO windy. So Dave said "want to wait til you get to work?" After seeing all my pissy faces I was making it was probably a good idea to wait.

What are you doing this weekend?
We are going to a Mike Doughty concert this weekend. *grumblegrumble* long story some of you know. He was my favorite and this is my 5th time seeing him (Dave's 6th) but for once I am not looking forward to it. It is up in NH so we plan to take our time driving up there and go out for lunch on the way and stop at this nice mall with a two story Forever 21. (we don't have malls in the city really)

And I have more quiz questions for you! Separate post though OK?


Kelly said...

This is such a great fall outfit!

Also - a two story F21? My F21 gives me a headache and it's just a little-ish store - so many colors and patterns and music everywhere and nothing is even slightly organized. I would have a seizure in a two story one!

My weekend will be kind of boring. I'm sick (which explains the lack of outfit you guys really need to see my jammies and huge sweaters? no) but tomorrow my cousin and I are planning on nursing our colds together while we watch Hocus Pocus (we used to LOVE it when we were little and try to watch it before Halloween every year but this year we didn't make the deadline) and going to see This is It with BF on Sunday night.

hillary said...

My best friend was an extra in Hocus Pocus. He walks by when they are trick or treating.

The store stresses me out so Dave directs me around and tells me what direction we have gone in and which we haven't he always knows where dressing rooms are too. He sees that deer in the headlights look I get and takes my arm and starts guiding me around.

Stefka said...

I remember when the first BR store opened up right near Quincy Market - I thought that safari theme was SO cool!