Monday, November 23, 2009

I got nothing witty

Stacks were much darker than they appeared. This is with copious amounts of potatoshopping.

Jeans American Eagle
Olive Corduroy Blazer H&M
Shirt with ruffle SJP for Steve and Barrys
Lace tank Forever 21
Monocle Marc Jacobs
Earrings Husband made.
Hat H&M
Scarf street guy in NYC

veronica_mars_dvd_s3Dave madeclark boots english saddle
I included my "my office is SO COLD and I have wear a scarf all day" look.
I was debating between this blazer and a purple one and my husband said "the olive one is more Veronica Mars" so olive it was.
Waffle had her surgery on Friday. You can see more about it on her blog. That consumed our Friday and Saturday. Sunday we actually left the house and did REAL activities that normal people who aren't in school and aren't Celiac do!
First Dave and I went to breakfast at the Omni Parker House (they invented the Boston Cream Pie and the Parker House Roll) This was the first time he and I went to breakfast in 6 years. Since Jan 1 2004. We went out once for a late brunch in 2007 with is parents but this was a first for me and him in 6 years. (Pre-Celiac we went all the time)
Breakfast at the Omni Parker House Hotel then on to New Moon!
I obviously didn't like mine.
I didn't like my breakfast
We then went to the movies to see New Moon. I KNOW! We never go to the movies. We had seen 2 movies in the theater this past year. (Again years ago back in Florida we went every couple days)
I really liked it. The best part though was right when the credits popped up and my husband, my soul mate turns to me and says "Why would anyone pick Jacob?" My sentiments exactly. heeeee. I asked him when we were hobbling home (yea more on that later) "Team Jacob or Team Edward" he is instead "Team Alice"

So the hobbling? I dropped a full glass bottle on the top of my foot Saturday. Hurt like a mofo. I have a lovely purple and blue foot now though.

So what did you do this weekend?
and if it was see New Moon "Team Edward or Team Jacob?"


BAM said...

I didn't get to see the movie, but read the books and am on Team Edward. Jacob, sheesh, he goes into overdrive on book #2.

Heather said...

Yikes! Did the bottle break? Also I LOVE THE TINY KETCHUP BOTTLE!!!

I love me some sparkle on a vampire!

hillary said...

I may or may not of taken home a small ketchup bottle and say "they expect you to"

The bottle did not break but it still cut my foot and I spilled coffee EVERYWHERE

Sal said...

You are far cuter than Veronica in this outfit. And perhaps someday you will give me beret-wearing lessons.

Bridgett said...


i am not crazy about either actor but from the book i am a die hard jacob fan. who would want to date a guy who is a million years old, always freezing cold, and can never eat with you! :)

hillary said...

I would! I totally would!!

He is 108. New England is cold anyways and my husband is celiac so the food thing not such a big deal to me.
I SOOOOOO don't like muscely guys either.

Kelly said...

I just bought a hat like that this year and I hope I can pull it off as well as you because I am not generally a hat-wearing person!

This weekend I played a lot of Mario (a new game just came out this week), fell asleep at 9pm (!) on Friday night, went shopping with BF on Saturday, hung out with some of his friends Saturday night, and on Sunday some friends helped me fix my car. While the guys worked on getting my muffler back to normal, I beat Mario 3 because the guy has a Nintendo in his garage (thank god, I would have been bored out of my mind otherwise because I don't know anything about cars so I was very unhelpful)

Kelly said...

PS Glad Waffle is home safe!

Lisa said...

Hope your kitty is doing well and your foot is doing better!

I love the slouchy hat on you, especially with the blazer. I wear scarves a lot at my work, but I'm not allowed to wear hats which makes me sad.

I'm not into Twilight, but I did see Men Who Stare at Goats this weekend so if you decide to go to the movies again in the near future I'd suggest that.

Clare said...

Heehee, "potatoshopping"...see, you did have something witty after all.

hillary said...

Clare. Nah I say it all the time. I also stole it from someone MUCH funnier than me.

Lisa if it makes ya feel better I don't wear mine at work. I was taught is was rude so I put it on for photos. :)

kelly Why couldn't you? I find the trick of berets is to pull it back on your head a little so its not at the front of your crown. The sideways thing usually looks contrived though.

Sal oh shush.

BAM I think he is over the top too. He is wicked annoying and I don't find that kinda confidence cute at all.