Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting my hairs cut

Tonight I have an appointment for a haircut. My hairdresser isn't exactly a hairdresser so I have to be VERY detailed in what I want.
This is what I am thinking. I don't want ANY length taken off because I am growing it out. I want it to mid waist. That is my goal. My hair is currently longer than it has been in my entire life. I know it is going to cause issues because it is at this length. Getting caught in thing, Dave pulling it in his sleep, Waffle eating it. She likes to sneak up to my pillow at night and start chewing on it. She massages my head while she is at it though.
SNARLS. It is already a snarl ball. Which is why I don't brush it. I am a finger comber. I use a fat comb in the shower but that's it.

I am thinking this hair cut

With these bangs

Then next week or the next getting my color touched up to be like Mary Kate's here (it is pretty close now) I want the highlights to be more baby blonde this time and less strawberry blonde which is what I thought I wanted last time.

What you think? Have any pictures of suggestions for me?

Edited to add. I would KILL to be a blonde like that but I don't think I can afford it. I would love to do it just once. But I HAVE to get it done, home blonde jobs on red heads are a BAD idea (trust me on this one)


Kelly said...

I am so bad at style suggestions, but I will say that you might want to take a little bit of length off just to keep your ends healthy. If any of your hairs have the beginning of a split end, if you don't cut it off then it will split all the way up the hair and then you'll have to cut it all off. So getting little trims helps it grow out - not faster, but healthier. I'm pretty much just regurgitating information from magazines right now, but I get my hair trimmed every 3-4 months while I'm growing it out for this reason.

hillary said...

yeah see my hair grows MAYBE 3 inches a year if I am lucky so no length. I am kinda lucky that split ends isn't an issue for me. I think because its so damn thick? My mom is actually a hairdresser so I pick her brain about that stuff in magazines all the time!

MOM is this true?? How about this? She usually laughs.

BAM said...

I like your ideas! I've always liked that type of graduated cut in the front for straight hair.

Did i see photographs of you with a similar haircut? I can't remember what your bangs looked like, but the olsen bangs look nice.


Dave77459 said...



My work here is done. You can thank me later.

Lemondrop Marie said...

You are clever, I never plan ahead with the pics as well but oh I so need to. I am on the fence about my own hair and you've inspired me to start looking!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Amy said...

Love these styles. Go for it!

anna said...

oooh that combination of haircut will look gorgeous on you!