Monday, November 30, 2009

Essie Mint Candy Apple REVIEW

I forgot to retake the photos for this review before I took my polish off so instead you get the "not so great taken in a too dark room without a flash and then I photoshopped the hell out them photos"

I had been trying to hunt down Essie's Mint Candy Apple polish from their new winter collection for a few weeks now and I was coming up empty. Then I thought EBAY! 2 days later (and this was over Thanksgiving too!!) I had it and two other polishes in my hot little hand for about $4.50 a bottle. (they retail for $8)

They describe it as a creme de menthe color. I think that is pretty accurate. I had to do three coats to get a nice even opaque color. (I think two would of been suffice if I had been giving it my full attention and not reading a magazine and watching tv). I had it on for 2.5 days with no chips. But my attention span is short so I repainted after two days. (Remember I had two more to try!)

As it was drying something dawned on me. It looks a LOT like the "Tiffany Blue" otherwise known as my favorite color ever. I had the "For Audrey" color by China Glaze that came out a few years ago. It was a pretty exact match for the box color.

So I compared Essie to the box and it was CLOSE but not exact.
thanksgiving 029

Then I compared to the bag which is actually a different shade. It is almost an exact match.
(urg these photos are terrible BUT YOU GET THE IDEA)

For comparisons is "For Audrey" by China Glaze
For Audrey
This color is a few years old and a tish harder to find in stores.(go on ebay!)

I am a big fan of Essie polishes and they are on par with OPI brand polishes which I think of as the best and compare all others too


Lesa said...

I LOVE it, my daughter would love it. What do you think, I'm 48, do you think I can still wear it? Tiffany blue is the best.

hillary said...

Of course! My mom is 50 and she paints hers black, green, blue you name it!
Here is her blog and her wearing teal

katrina said...

that looks so PRETTY! Oh my dear. I have to stop by the mall tomorrow to find a bottle.

Becky said...

Love it! My roommate, Lauren, loves Tiffany blue SO much that her boyfriend took a box and scanned it at Home Depot to match the paint color and surprised her by painting an accent wall in her bedroom while she was at work. Cute, huh? If she wore any nail polish color besides Ballet Slippers and I'm Not Really A Waitress, I would so get one of these for her as a stocking stuffer. (Wow, I REALLY know her preferences...I guess that's what 7 years of best-friendom will do!)

Lorena said...

OMG... i am channeling you.
I just got back from the US and literally HUNTED DOWN the mint from Essie, came out empty handed.
I am still wishing for my Jade Chanel but it also never happened.
Im gonna have to go out and buy white and color it or something.

katrina said...

i found a bottle today -- very happy :).