Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dressing the menfolk

I like so many women am in charge of the husband's wardrobe. For Example we will be at Banana Republic and I say to him "I think you need some new pants, why don't you try these on" and he stubbornly like a 4 year old says "I don't need pants" and never fails within 3 days he will be wearing his favorite pair of pants and rips them and says "I need new pants when can we go to x store?"


So last night I told him "we are going to Gap and Banana on Saturday to take advantage of the 30% off sale on the way to the concert and we are getting you some new long sleeve shirts and sweaters."
It worked! He said "Ok" I then told him he wasn't allowed to get pants. He owns a LOT of pants. Lots of very cute pants he never wears. He is repeative as hell. Sorry honey you know you are. When I met him he had a uniform. Blue or Gray shirt and khakis and that is what he wore EVERYDAY. He had them in multiples.
(well he had to dress up for school)

After years of pleading I actually got him wearing jeans about once a week. This is PROGRESS PEOPLE. OK now that I have thoroughly embarrassed him, here is what I want to get for him. We are going for a Tommy from 500 Day feel.

Somethings I am digging

I know I am pushing my luck with the elbow pad sweater but HE'D LOOK SO CUTE in it. Manly I mean manly. OH god I could borrow it and wearing it with frilly dresses! I'd look so nice honey you have to get it.

The blazer is MOLESKIN. (sturdy but wicked soft cotton) that is all I have to say to him to make him like it. Moleskin honey. See, pet it, it's soft.

I know I said no pants but those jeans! folded up once with his dressy man boots and a hoodie and blazer? HUMMINA.

The militaryish sweater at the top is so nice. He has a coat like that and he looks so handsome in it.

He is capable of dressing himself and looking nice.
my husband he is cute

But behind all (many) well dressed men is a wife picking the clothes out in the first place.


BAM said...

Sounds like you have a sporting chance with Dave. My husband will straight up refuse to wear stuff I buy. Even if it's just new versions of what he already owns.

I don't think he likes looking badly, but I think he dislikes spending money on clothing THAT MUCH!!

Dave77459 said...


Elbow pads?! Next you'll be tying sweaters around his neck and popping collars. He is a MAN, let him have some dignity.

The plaid gets a thumnbs up.

hillary said...

my Dave and I don't DO preppy. Popped collars and tied sweaters is preppy. We don't like preppy. Elbow pads have a collegiate feel. Like a cute architecture professor.

Dave77459 said...

I am relieved for his sake that you don't do preppy. However, I doubt that cute architecture professor's wear elbow pads. I dispute that college men would wear such things, because the pads would soak up the spilled beer while playing "quarters".

All that aside, I must admit that he'd make a great cute architecture professor-type. He's got that brainy-artsy-cute thing going on. That's a fantastic fashion goal for him.

And too, dudes are allowed to set aside their virility of it accomplishes the goal of attracting co-eds. So, as long as you consider that he is wearing a co-ed bait costume whenever he elbow-pads, it's cool.

Carry on.

hillary said...

1. Dave is ALLERGIC to beer so no worries there.
2. We live in the town of HAHVAHD and all those other snooty northeast schools. There are lots of handsome professors and I am sure some wear elbow pads.
3. Dave already owns something with elbow pads as do I.
4.I long ago realized he is co-ed bait no matter how he is dressed. A handsome, highly intelligent married man? Women love that stuff.
5.The ultimate goal is architecture professor.
6. I assure you wearing elbow pads has NOTHING to do with virility. No offense but Southerners tend to dress a bit different than yanks. (King of the Hill taught me Texas. Life experience taught me the rest)
7.I am out of numbered items but I like lists.

Dave77459 said...

I grew up in Michigan, and I can assure you that the elbow pad fad passed through exceedingly quickly. I came in when Animal House hit the screens, and went out before it hit VHS.

I am curious as to whether you have seen an actual architecture professor? The ones I am familiar with are quite messy... like most other professors I know.

hillary said...

Yes I have seen them. They weren't messy.
Dave's work is filled with profs. So I know a few actually. Michigan is not New England which is its own weird little world.
And I am talking idealized arch prof. ALSO not to pull this card but aren't you the one who said you know nuffin about fashion? eh?? ha!!!!!!!

And SOMEONE must like them being as GAP is selling them!

Dave77459 said...

Oh, that was a crushing blow! No, I don't know nuttin' about fashion, but I seriously hope elbow pads are a local [to you] phenomenon. Although, I hardly have to worry about sweaters, elbow-padded or not, since we have about a week of sweater-worthy weather a year. I think the last time I wore one was when I had an early-morning round of golf last January.

I concede you victory. You are a worthy opponent.

hillary said...

or as my dave would say "stubborn"
I was on the debate team in highschool.

I haven't seen anymore wearing them yet but I wasn't looking. Gap's website is national...

GOLF? Ok see neither Dave nor I play golf.

Lesa said...

Be happy, my husband tries to buy his clothes at Costco--it is truly an ugly thing.

hillary said...

who said I wasn't happy?

Dave77459 said...

In your parts, you probably don't do many shirt sleeve activities outside in January. Although you New Englanders are a hardy breed.

BAM said...

Oh...costco...I guess there could be a couple decent things there? Like basics? maybe?
eh, I'm trying

hillary said...

nope! Yes the boys are hardy in some ways. No coat and its 40 degrees out. While I am saying PUT ON A COAT ITS COLD

hillary said...

The one thing I can say for Dave is he would never buy clothes at Costco. He is SUCH a snob. He won't deny that either I bet.

Kelly said...

I freaking love elbow pads. They absolutely have a professor feel to them. I was absolutely thrilled when I went to college and discovered that my English professors DID INDEED wear elbow pads just like I had hoped and dreamt.

I pretty much love anything that seems collegiate. Oh, and you should get Dave to pose with you sometimes so we can see the fruit of your labor ;-)

hillary said...

Kelly he is INSANELY shy about that. I try!! Heck I used to not be able to blog about him. Now he says "did you get a good pic for the blog?"

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

I tried to get my hubby to do elbow pads, sports coats, and sweater vests. He was the most unmovable object on this.

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

I tried to get my hubby to do elbow pads, sports coats, and sweater vests. He was the most unmovable object on this.

Chloe said...

Hey! Your husband is a cutie.

My husband won't let me within 100 feet of his wardrobe. For the most part he's a great dresser, but occasionally he decides to revisit his youth and I come home from work to find him decked out in something he wore back in 1992.

I know a lot of people think it's a good thing to be the same size you were in highschool BUT MY HUSBAND TOTALLY ABUSES THAT PRIVILEGE. *yanks hair out*

mamichan said...

dave will look amazing in any of those items. they'd complement his hat arsenal perfectly!

Lesa said...

well, he might head for Costco if we don't head him off first, but he will also wear anything I pick out and he is so very handsome it really doesn't matter....

Lesa said...

I felt guilty with my costco comments. Follow me over to Always Summer and meet my husband Drew....