Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't call my name

Someone only had 20 minutes to get ready and give the cat her compresses. Someone fell asleep on the couch after the alarm and forgot to wake me up. Said cat saved the day and woke the couch sleeper up.

Turtleneck (under sweater) H&M
Sweater Gap
Leggings Gap
Gold and black brocade skirt SJP Steve and Barry's
Boots Merrell from LL Bean
Necklace Avon
Earrings from my mom
Glass ring Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shop

My back detail is totally blown out. I was facing a window (photography no no) but I was playing with it in potatoshop and I kinda dug it blown out even more. I was just trying to show the back seam in the sweater and my hair.
I find mini skirts and long sweaters both hard to wear on their own but Iike them together for some odd reason. (shush I told you I rewear things similar all the time)
I really hope to do a big closet cleanout this long weekend. I really want to get rid of anything I don't wear or doesn't fit. I don't know why it is so hard! I also have a bunch of missing items that have to be there! I just know it!
I am getting nervous about Thanksgiving. I am one of the few people in the USA that doesn't like Thanksgiving. I don't like the food or the smell of it. I like giving thanks and being with family though. I used to do multiple Thanksgivings but luckily we do one now. I have a tradition with my dad where we listen to Alice's Restaurant. I remember sitting in his VW Bug on the side of the road trying to listen to it on the radio before we got to gram's house.

Christmas? That I love. I love everything about it. I got married at Christmas time. I love being in New England for Christmas. The few I spent in Florida were so surreal to me. Christmas = cold in my mind, snow is just bonus. I have always had to do more than one Christmas due to my parents splitting up and grandparents did too. In all I had 4 sets of grandparents and my mom and dad's places growing up. It can be a bit too much for me and lead me to want to drink. We do 3 on Christmas day now. My grandparents house, Dad's house and Dave's parents. We kinda have it down now, the order and everyone knows when and where. Luckily they are about 45 minutes away from one. I don't get to see my mom on Christmas much the past 14 years. I wish she was here so much. If you are rich and have money you can fly my mom up here and I would love you forever. (neither us can afford it)

What are your Thanksgiving plans? What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

I like everyone being there all at once and talking. As I said I don't like any of the food. Dave usually cuts me off a few pieces of the whitest turkey he can find and I spread things around on my plate because at 31 they still harass me about my eating habits.


Jess said...

I love your owl necklace!! I am so obsessed with owls right now.

My husband and I are going to do the multiple Thanksgiving thing...we will go to my parents for lunch and his mom's for dinner. I love both their cooking sooo much but I am going to try and really moderate my food intake so I am not in a food coma. Plus, my husband desperately wants the Best Buy Playstation 3 deal for Christmas (it comes with 2 games for free) so we are probably going to be camping out at Best Buy and I really don't want a tummyache for all that. :)

Kelly said...

Love your owl necklace. And your hair! Your hair is glorious. I couldn't create one of your pigtails with all the hair on my head.

The night before Thanksgiving my aunt has a sleepover - usually it ends up being mostly my cousins with a couple aunts and uncles. We eat crap and play games and whoever wins the most games gets to get the "top turkey" crown for that year. It's cheesy and SOO fun. Then on Thanksgiving day we wake up and eat lunch together, then my parents, brothers, and I are going to my cousin's house (other side of the family) for that party. Hopefully I will stop at home in between parties to change from pajamas to real clothes ;-)

Oh - and my favorite part about Thanksgiving is when all my aunts and female cousins come to the party hours before husbands and sons do, and we all cook together. Making bourbon pecan pies is probably my favorite, because we all take a drink from the bottle after we've used everything we need for the pies ;-)

mamichan said...

I'm not a big Thanksgiving person either. It doesn't exist in Japan. No one in my fam likes turkey so we'd make roast chicken and potatoes, but mostly to celebrate my parents' anniversary and not turkey day. Aaron loves it though so we do the traditional thing, he makes everything.

Sal said...

The print on that skirt is fantastic. Mmmm, shiny.

I'm not big on any super traditional holiday, but my family tends to eat paella or crab cakes or standing rib roast for Thanksgiving so I guess I shouldn't complain!

hillary said...

one side of my family is VERY traditional (dad). Its that day or not at all (such as birthday if you say anything the day after you get "ITS NOT MY BIRTHDAY")
and you always do stereotypical things. Turkey on Thanksgiving, Ham on Christmas.

Then my mom we used to go to Key West or order Chinese food for Thanksgiving. She is impatient and presents get open early and she usually tells you what it is before you even open it.

Dave's family will make WHATEVER you want (literally one Christmas we all picked two things and we ended up with summer sausage, croissants, french fries, Chinese food, shrimp...) They also aren't big on the day they will "do Christmas" the day before or after or whenever.

Lesa said...

Just checking in on Waffle...poor baby.

hillary said...

Lesa Thank you so much for asking. I appreciate it and it means a lot. My own parents didn't bother to ask. She seems to be doing good. But because life is like that we found out today Daisyboo is diabetic. blarg.
The girls have their own blog but I am not good at updating it. ahem. I mean they aren't good at updating it.

Kelly said...

Oh no! My dog is diabetic - it really freaked me out and stressed me out at first but now it's just part of the routine. It only took a few days to get used to the injections and after that the biggest challenge I've found is just finding a boarding place that will give insulin injections (well...and the PITA vet visits every week while they try to figure out how much insulin to give).

I think I read somewhere that there's a new insulin option for cats that is a pill, so that might be an easy option. Good luck - sounds like you have your hands full!

Becky said...

You look smokin' in pencil skirts, lady! And your hair has gotten SO long!

I'm spending my second Thanksgiving in a row in NYC with my "family" of friends. I hosted last year, but someone else in my group of friends took the reigns, so all I have to do is bring a side, which is great!