Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Das Caramelini REVIEW

Some may remember back in May I wrote a review about one of the most amazing food stuffs I had ever had. Salted ginger pistachio caramels by Das Foods.
Being a happy consumer I let them know what I thought about it. My grandfather taught me that you should complain and compliment companies when you are extremely satisfied or extremely dissatisfied. They were kind enough to send me a box of their plain salted caramels and some of their "unique" flavored lollipops.

The caramels are AMAZING. I hate to describe it like this but they are salty caramels. The best of both worlds. Also I have a special salt/sweet tooth I never seem to be able to satiate. This does it and it does it well. Dave liked them too. We nommed on them last night and make mmmmh noises.

As for the lollipops. I have had the salted caramel one so far. I really liked it. It is a bit more salty than the caramels but it soothed my 3pm snack monster. The other two I am handing off to Dave as he would appreciate Lemon and Pomegranate flavors more than I would. I plan to share the Maple Bacon one with him! I need to at least try it!

Fairly obnoxious note to companies: (I am allowed. It's my blog :) )
If you are interested in me reviewing your product please email me at hillary AT byhillary DOT com


C Lo said...

see blog


Becky said...

Maple Bacon lolli? Why does that sound good to me?! Ugh, I love bacon so much!

Das Foods said...

Thanks so much for reviewing my product, Hillary! Love your fashionable necklace by the way- very chic!